May Pre-Orders

May 2021 Pre-Orders

The purpose of this page is to allow you to sort the books available on DCBS to pre-order this month. I highly recommend you do this as early in the month as possible. Use the filters above to look for the books you want (omnibus, hardcover, etc). If you want to choose a different filter, click on a filter you’ve already set and it will be removed from the filter list so you can add a different one. You can also sort by any of the columns by clicking on the header. By default they are sorted by Publisher -> Format -> Title.

LinkCodeStatusRelease DatePriceDiscountPublisherFormat
Magic The Gathering (Mtg) Ltd Slipcase Ed HC Vol 01 (C: 0-1-MAY210964New9/29/2021$22.7435%BoomHardcover
Firefly Return To Earth That Was HC Vol 01 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210976New9/22/2021$12.9935%BoomHardcover
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Hellmouth Dlx Ed HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210985New9/1/2021$48.7535%BoomHardcover
Go Go Power Rangers TP Vol 09 (C: 1-1-2)MAY210975New9/1/2021$11.0435%BoomTPB
Brzrkr (Berzerker) TP Vol 01 (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210997New9/29/2021$11.0435%BoomTPB
Last Witch GN (C: 0-1-2)MAY211021New9/8/2021$9.7435%BoomTPB
Sin City Dlx HC Vol 01 The Hard Goodbye (4Th Ed) (MR) (C: 0-MAY210236Reprint9/29/2021$60.0040%Dark HorseHardcover
Umbrella Academy You Look Like Death Dlx Ed HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210238New9/29/2021$47.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Falconspeare HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210246New9/29/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Mr Higgins Comes Home HCMAY210247Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Our Encounters Evil Professor Meinhardt & Knox HCMAY210248Reprint6/16/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Young Hellboy The Hidden Land HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210249New9/15/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Black Hammer Visions HC Vol 01 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210250New9/15/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer of Justice HCMAY210252Reprint6/16/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Chivalry HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210261New9/8/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Snow Glass Apples HC (C: 1-0-0)MAY210262Reprint6/16/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Neil Gaiman Troll Bridge HC (C: 1-0-0)MAY210263Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Norse Mythology HC Vol 01 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210266Reprint6/16/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Complete American Gods HC (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210267New9/1/2021$74.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Critical Role Mighty Nein Origins HC Yasha Nydoorin (C: 0-1-MAY210270New9/15/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Dead Dogs Bite HC (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210293New9/15/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Apex Legends Pathfinders Quest HC (MR)MAY210302Reprint6/16/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Dragon Age Dark Fortress HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210308New9/8/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Dragon Age HC Masked Empire Deluxe Edition (C: 1-0-0)MAY210309Reprint6/23/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Dragon Age HC The Calling Dlx Ed (C: 1-0-0)MAY210310Reprint6/16/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Overwatch Tracer London Calling HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210311New9/15/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Overwatch Anthology HC Vol 01MAY210312Reprint6/16/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Cyberpunk 2077 Wheres Johnny HCMAY210313New9/22/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Avatar Last Airbender Chibis HC Vol 01 Aangs Unfreezing (C:MAY210315New9/8/2021$4.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Elegant Spirits Amanos Tale of Genji & Fairies HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210324New9/29/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper & Hermy HCMAY210352Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Avatar Last Airbender Art Animated Series HC (2Nd Ptg) (C: 1MAY210355Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Beanworld HC Vol 04 Hoka Hoka Burbl BurblMAY210373Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%Dark HorseHardcover
Chimichanga HCMAY210375Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Chimichanga HC Sorrow of Worlds Worst FaceMAY210376Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Daddy Daughter Day HCMAY210377Reprint6/23/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney 365 Days With Winnie The Pooh HC (C: 1-1-2)MAY210378Reprint6/16/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Alice In Wonderland Story O/T Movie In Comics HC (C:MAY210380Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Cinderella Story of Movies In Comics HC (C: 1-1-2)MAY210381Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Frozen 2 Story of The Movies In Comics HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210384Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Lady & The Tramp Story Movie In Comics HC (C: 1-1-2)MAY210388Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Moana Story of The Movie In Comics HC (C: 1-1-2)MAY210390Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Heroes At Home HCMAY210392Reprint6/16/2021$4.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Pixar Incredibles Story Movies Comics HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210394Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Pixar Nemo Dory Story Movie Comics HC (C: 1-1-2)MAY210395Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Disney Pixar Toy Story The Story of The Movies In Comics HCMAY210400Reprint6/16/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Plants vs Zombies Lawn of Doom HC (C: 1-0-0)MAY210414Reprint6/16/2021$5.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Plants vs Zombies Multiballistic HC (C: 1-1-2)MAY210415Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseHardcover
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare HC Vol 01 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210416Reprint6/16/2021$5.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Harrow County Library Edition HC Vol 01MAY210229Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Harrow County Library Edition HC Vol 02MAY210230Reprint6/16/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Harrow County Library Edition HC Vol 03MAY210231Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Harrow County Library Edition HC Vol 04 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210232New6/16/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Umbrella Academy You Look Like Death Library Ed HC (C: 0-1-2MAY210237New9/29/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Stranger Things Library Ed HC Vol 01 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210271New9/1/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Witcher Library Edition HCMAY210338Reprint6/16/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Avatar Last Airbender Imbalance Library Edition HC (C: 1-1-2MAY210356Reprint6/16/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Avatar Last Airbender Lost Adventures Library Ed HC (C: 1-0-MAY210357Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Avatar Last Airbender North And South Library Edition HC (C:MAY210358Reprint6/16/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Avatar Last Airbender Promise Library Ed HC (C: 1-0-0)MAY210359Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Avatar Last Airbender Rift Library Ed HC (C: 1-0-0)MAY210360Reprint6/16/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Avatar Last Airbender Smoke And Shadow Library Ed HC (C: 1-0MAY210361Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Disney Frozen Library Ed HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210386Reprint6/16/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Disney Pixars Incredibles 2 Library Ed HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210401Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Masters of The Universe Revelation #1 (of 4) Cvr B Mignola &MAY210226New7/7/2021$2.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Iyanu Child of Wonder TP Vol 01 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210233New9/22/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Malika Warrior Queen TP Vol 01 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210234New9/8/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Sin City TP Vol 01 The Hard Goodbye (4Th Ed) (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210235Reprint9/29/2021$15.0040%Dark HorseTPB
Hellboy Omnibus Boxed Set TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210241New9/29/2021$59.9840%Dark HorseTPB
Hellboy Complete Short Stories TP Vol 01MAY210242Reprint6/16/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Hellboy Complete Short Stories TP Vol 02MAY210243Reprint6/23/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer 45 World of Black Hammer TP Vol 01MAY210251Reprint6/23/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer Streets of Spiral TPMAY210253Reprint6/23/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer TP Vol 01 Secret OriginsMAY210254Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer TP Vol 02 The EventMAY210255Reprint6/23/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Groo Play of The Gods TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210269Reprint6/23/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
No One Left To Fight TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210273Reprint6/23/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Fear Case TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210275New9/1/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Grendel Devils Odyssey #8 (of 8) Cvr A Wagner (MR)MAY210279New7/14/2021$2.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Jia & The Nian Monster TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210283New6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Dracula Son of The Dragon TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210284New9/8/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Primordial TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210285Resolicit9/1/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Zone Continuum TPMAY210286Reprint6/16/2021$9.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Ec Archives Shock Suspenstories TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210287New9/1/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Empowered Omnibus TP Vol 03 (MR) (C: 1-1-2)MAY210290New9/8/2021$20.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Empowered Omnibus TP Vol 01 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210291Reprint6/23/2021$20.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Empowered Omnibus TP Vol 02 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210292Reprint6/30/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Cold Bodies TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210294New9/8/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Nocturnals Omnibus HC (C: 0-1-2)MAY210295New9/22/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Bankshot TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210296Resolicit9/29/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Triumph of The Wizard King TP Book Three (C: 0-1-2)MAY210297New9/1/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Return of The Wizard King TP Vol 01 Prose NovelMAY210298Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Trial of The Wizard King TP Book Two (C: 0-1-2)MAY210299Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Halo Graphic Novel TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210300New9/15/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Immortals Fenyx Rising From Great Beginnings TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210307New9/22/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team TP (MR)MAY210314New6/16/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Stephen Mccranies Space Boy Omnibus TP Vol 01 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210316New9/8/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 07 (MR) (C: 1-1-2)MAY210317New9/15/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 01 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210318Reprint6/16/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 02 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210319Reprint6/23/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 03 (MR) (C: 1-0-0)MAY210320Reprint6/16/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 04 (C: 1-1-2)MAY210321Reprint6/23/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 05 (C: 1-1-2)MAY210322Reprint6/16/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 06 (C: 1-1-2)MAY210323Reprint6/23/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Witcher Omnibus TP Vol 01MAY210339Reprint6/23/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Castlevania 4 Pack Magnet Set (C: 0-1-2)MAY210340Reprint6/16/2021$7.4925%Dark HorseTPB
Cyberpunk 2077 Silverhand Logo MagnetMAY210349Reprint6/23/2021$7.4925%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender Adult Coloring Book TPMAY210354Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 04 Search Pt 1 New PTG (C: 1-0-MAY210362Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 06 Search Part 3 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210363Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 07 Rift Part 1 New PTG (C: 1-0-MAY210364Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 08 Rift Part 2 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210365Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 09 Rift Part 3 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210366Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 12 Smoke & Shadow Part 3 New PtMAY210367Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 13 North & South Pt 1 New PTG (MAY210368Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 14 North & South Part 2 New PTGMAY210369Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 15 North & South Pt 3 New PTGMAY210370Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 16 Imbalance Part 1 (C: 1-1-2)MAY210371Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 18 Imbalance Part 3 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210372Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Beanworld Omnibus TP Vol 02MAY210374Reprint6/16/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Aladdin: Four Tales of Agrabah TP (C: 1-0-0)MAY210379Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Dumbo (Live Action) Friends In High Places TP Vol 01MAY210382Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Frozen (Ya Retelling) TP Vol 01 (C: 1-1-2)MAY210383Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Frozen Hero Within TP (C: 1-0-0)MAY210385New6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Hamlet Starring Donald Duck TP (C: 1-0-0)MAY210387Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Lion King GN Vol 01 Wild Schemes And Catastrophes (C:MAY210389Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Mulans Adv Journal Palace Secrets TP (C: 1-0-0)MAY210391Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 TP Vol 02 Secret Identities (C: 1MAY210393Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Pixar Onward Manticore TP (C: 1-1-2)MAY210396Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 TP (C: 1-0-0)MAY210397Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Pixar Toy Story Adventures TP Vol 01 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210398Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Pixar Toy Story Adventures TP Vol 02 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210399Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Pixars Incredibles 2 TP Vol 03 Slow Burn (C: 0-1-2)MAY210402Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Extraordinary TP Story of Ordinary Princess (C: 0-1-2)MAY210403Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Flower of The Witch TP (C: 0-1-2)MAY210404Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
House of Fear TP Attack of Killer Snowmen & Other StoriesMAY210405Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Legend of Korra TP Part 01 Ruins of Empire (C: 1-0-0)MAY210406Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Legend of Korra TP Part 02 Ruins of Empire (C: 1-1-2)MAY210407Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Legend of Korra TP Vol 01 Turf Wars Pt 1 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210408Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Legend of Korra TP Vol 02 Turf Wars Pt 2 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210409Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Legend of Korra TP Vol 03 Turf Wars Pt 3 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210410Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Minecraft TP Vol 01 (C: 1-0-0)MAY210411Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Minecraft TP Vol 01 Wither Without You (C: 0-1-2)MAY210412Reprint6/16/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Minecraft TP Vol 02 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210413Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Stranger Things The Bully GN TPMAY210417Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Stranger Things TP Vol 01 Other SideMAY210418Reprint6/16/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Stranger Things TP Vol 02 SixMAY210419Reprint6/23/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Stranger Things TP Vol 03 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210420Reprint6/16/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Stranger Things Zombie Boys GN TP Vol 01MAY210421Reprint6/23/2021$6.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Absolute Fourth World By Jack Kirby HC Vol 02MAY217148New12/14/2021$75.0050%DCAbsolute
Batman Fortnite Zero Point HCMAY217041New9/7/2021$12.4950%DCHardcover
Joker Harley Criminal Sanity HC (MR)MAY217042New9/7/2021$17.4950%DCHardcover
Aquaman 80 Years of The King of The Seven Seas The Deluxe Edition HCMAY217149New9/28/2021$14.9950%DCHardcover
Batman The Court of Owls Deluxe Edition HCMAY217152New9/14/2021$17.4950%DCHardcover
Superboy And The Legion of Super-Heroes Tabloid Edition HCMAY217163New12/14/2021$19.9950%DCHardcover
Superman & Lois Lane The 25Th Wedding Anniversary Deluxe Edition HCMAY217164New9/14/2021$17.4950%DCHardcover
Batman Brave & The Bold Bronze Age Omnibus HC Vol 03MAY217151New9/7/2021$49.9950%DCOmnibus
Deathstroke By Christopher Priest Omnibus HCMAY217156New9/14/2021$75.0050%DCOmnibus
Fourth World By Jack Kirby Omnibus HC New PrintingMAY217158New9/14/2021$75.0050%DCOmnibus
Justice League Dark The New 52 Omnibus HCMAY217161New9/21/2021$75.0050%DCOmnibus
Teen Titans Beast Boy Loves Raven TPMAY217043New9/28/2021$8.4950%DCTPB
Unearthed A Jessica Cruz Story TPMAY217044New9/14/2021$8.4950%DCTPB
Wonderful Women of The World TPMAY217045New9/28/2021$8.4950%DCTPB
Batman Adventures Cat Got Your Tongue TPMAY217150New8/31/2021$4.9950%DCTPB
Batman Zero Year TPMAY217153New8/31/2021$14.9950%DCTPB
DC Poster Portfolio Jim Lee TP Vol 2MAY217154New12/21/2021$12.4950%DCTPB
DC Poster Portfolio Dark Nights Metal TPMAY217155New12/14/2021$12.4950%DCTPB
Fables Compendium 3 TP (MR)MAY217157New8/24/2021$29.9950%DCTPB
Gotham City Monsters TPMAY217159New8/17/2021$8.9950%DCTPB
Hellblazer Vol 25 Another Season TP (MR)MAY217160New8/10/2021$17.4950%DCTPB
Starman Compendium 1 TPMAY217162New8/17/2021$29.9950%DCTPB
Swamp Thing New Roots TPMAY217165New8/31/2021$8.4950%DCTPB
Sweet Tooth The Return TP (MR)MAY217166New8/17/2021$8.9950%DCTPB
Red Sonja Ballad Red Goddess HCMAY210750Reprint6/16/2021$12.9935%DynamiteHardcover
Dawn Vampirella HCMAY210848Reprint6/16/2021$16.2435%DynamiteHardcover
Dynamite Art of Lucio Parrillo HCMAY210933Reprint6/23/2021$19.4935%DynamiteHardcover
Red Sonja Ballad Red Goddess HC Thomas Sgn Ed (C: 0-1-2)MAY210751Reprint6/23/2021$32.4935%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja Black Tower TPMAY210752Reprint6/16/2021$9.7435%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja Unchained TPMAY210753Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja Vultures Circle TPMAY210754Reprint6/16/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja Wrath of The Gods TP Vol 01MAY210755Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Savage Red Sonja Queen O/T Frozen Wastes TP Vol 01 Reg CvrMAY210756Reprint6/16/2021$9.7435%DynamiteTPB
Savage Tales of Red Sonja TPMAY210757Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Barbarella #1 Cvr Q Hoyt Sign Atlas EdMAY210773New7/21/2021$37.4925%DynamiteTPB
Barbarella Dejah Thoris GNMAY210774Reprint6/16/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Barbarella TP Vol 01 Red Hot Gospel (MR)MAY210775Reprint6/23/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Barbarella TP Vol 02 Hard Labor (MR)MAY210776Reprint6/16/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Barbarella TP Vol 03 Burning Down HouseMAY210777Reprint6/23/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Dejah Thoris & Green Men of Mars TP Vol 02 (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210792Reprint6/16/2021$11.0435%DynamiteTPB
Dejah Thoris & Green Men of Mars TP Vol 03 (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210793Reprint6/23/2021$11.0435%DynamiteTPB
Dejah Thoris & The White Apes of Mars TP (MR)MAY210794Reprint6/16/2021$11.0435%DynamiteTPB
Dejah Thoris Dejah Rising TPMAY210795Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Dejah Thoris Gardens of Mars TPMAY210796Reprint6/16/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Dejah Thoris Soldier of Memory TPMAY210797Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
John Carter The End TPMAY210798Reprint6/16/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
John Carter Warlord TP Vol 01 Invaders of Mars (MR)MAY210799Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
John Carter Warlord TP Vol 02 Man Made MonsterMAY210800Reprint6/16/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 01 Colossus of Mars (MR)MAY210801Reprint6/23/2021$11.0435%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 02 Pirate Queen (MR)MAY210802Reprint6/16/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 03 Boora Witch (MR)MAY210803Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 04 (MR)MAY210804Reprint6/16/2021$11.0435%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 05 (C: 0-1-2)MAY210805Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 06 (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210806Reprint6/16/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 07 (MR) (C: 0-1-2)MAY210807Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars Fall of Barsoom TP Vol 01MAY210808Reprint6/16/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars TP Vol 01 (MR)MAY210809Reprint6/23/2021$16.2435%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars TP Vol 02 (MR)MAY210810Reprint6/16/2021$16.2435%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars TP Vol 03 (MR)MAY210811Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Warlord of Mars TP Vol 04 (MR)MAY210812Reprint6/16/2021$16.2435%DynamiteTPB
Vampirella Interstellar TP Vol 03MAY210843New7/21/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Vampirella Dark Powers TPMAY210884New7/14/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja (2019) TP Vol 04 Angel of DeathMAY210885New7/28/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja (2019) TP Vol 01 Scorched EarthMAY210886Reprint6/16/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja (2019) TP Vol 02 Queens GambitMAY210887Reprint6/23/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Jim Lees X-Men Artist Ed HC (Net)MAY210426New6/16/2021$112.500%IDWHardcover
Walter Simonson Thor Return of Beta Ray Bill Artist Ed HC (NMAY210427Reprint6/23/2021$93.750%IDWHardcover
Herb Trimpe Incredible Hulk Artist Ed HC (Net)MAY210428Reprint6/16/2021$93.750%IDWHardcover
Mike Zeck Classic Marvel Stories Artist Ed HC (Net)MAY210429Reprint6/23/2021$112.500%IDWHardcover
Marvel Covers Modern Era Artist Ed HC Mcfarlane Cvr (Net)MAY210430Reprint6/16/2021$93.750%IDWHardcover
John Romita Amazing Spider-Man Artifact Ed HC (Net)MAY210431Reprint6/23/2021$140.630%IDWHardcover
Steranko Nick Fury Agent of Shield Artist Ed HC 2Nd Ed (Net)MAY210432Reprint6/16/2021$140.630%IDWHardcover
Sonic The Hedgehog 30Th Anniv Celebration HC (C: 1-1-1)MAY210453New10/6/2021$12.9935%IDWHardcover
Ballad For Sophie GN (C: 0-1-1)MAY210433New9/8/2021$16.2435%IDWTPB
Marvel Action Chillers TP (C: 0-1-1)MAY210441New9/22/2021$8.4435%IDWTPB
TMNT Reborn TP Vol 03 Time After Time (C: 0-1-0)MAY210458New9/22/2021$12.9935%IDWTPB
Sea of Sorrows TP (C: 0-1-1)MAY210464New9/22/2021$11.6935%IDWTPB
Usagi Yojimbo Origins TP Vol 02 Wanderers Road (C: 0-1-1)MAY210474New9/15/2021$12.9935%IDWTPB
Wynonna Earp All In TP (C: 0-1-1)MAY210475New9/15/2021$25.9935%IDWTPB
Art of Amcs Walking Dead Universe HC (MR)MAY210096New9/29/2021$29.9940%ImageHardcover
Art of Charlie Adlard HC (MR)MAY210097Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%ImageHardcover
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici HC Book 02MAY210108New7/14/2021$23.9940%ImageHardcover
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici HC Book 01MAY210109Reprint6/23/2021$23.9940%ImageHardcover
Goddamned Oversized HC (MR)MAY210122Reprint6/16/2021$11.9940%ImageHardcover
Godland Celestial Ed HC Vol 01MAY210127Reprint6/23/2021$20.9940%ImageHardcover
Godland Celestial Ed HC Vol 02MAY210128Reprint6/16/2021$20.9940%ImageHardcover
Godland Celestial Ed HC Vol 03MAY210129Reprint6/23/2021$20.9940%ImageHardcover
Jesusfreak HCMAY210136Reprint6/16/2021$10.7940%ImageHardcover
Blackbird TP Vol 01MAY210010Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Skyward TP Vol 01 My Low-G LifeMAY210011Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Skyward TP Vol 02 Here There Be DragonfliesMAY210012Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Skyward TP Vol 03 Fix The WorldMAY210013Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 01 The Faust Act (MR)MAY210014Reprint6/16/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 02 Fandemonium (MR)MAY210015Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 03 (MR)MAY210016Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 04 Rising Action (MR)MAY210017Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 05 Imperial Phase I (MR)MAY210018Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 06 Imperial Phase Part 2 (MR)MAY210019Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 07 Mothering Invention (MR)MAY210020Reprint6/16/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 08 Old Is The New New (MR)MAY210021Reprint6/23/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
Wicked & Divine TP Vol 09MAY210022Reprint6/16/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
Mirka Andolfo Mercy TP (MR)MAY210033Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Unnatural TP Vol 01 Awakening (MR)MAY210034Reprint6/16/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Unnatural TP Vol 02 (MR)MAY210035Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Unnatural TP Vol 03 (MR)MAY210036Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Man-Eaters TP Vol 01MAY210057Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Man-Eaters TP Vol 02MAY210058Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Man-Eaters TP Vol 03MAY210059Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Cowl TP Vol 01 Principles of Power (MR)MAY210061Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Cowl TP Vol 02 The Greater Good (MR)MAY210062Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Dead Hand TP Vol 01 Cold War Relics (MR)MAY210063Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Hadrians Wall TP (MR)MAY210064Reprint6/16/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 01 (MR)MAY210067Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 02 International Flavor (MR)MAY210068Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 03 Just Desserts (MR)MAY210069Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 04 Flambe (MR)MAY210070Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 05 Major League Chew (MR)MAY210071Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 06 Space Cakes (MR)MAY210072Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 07 Bad Apples (MR)MAY210073Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 08 Family Recipes (MR)MAY210074Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 09 Chicken Tenders (MR)MAY210075Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 10 Blood Puddin (MR)MAY210076Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 11 Last Suppers (MR)MAY210077Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Chew TP Vol 12 (MR)MAY210078Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Chu TP Vol 01 (MR)MAY210079Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee TP Vol 03MAY210086New7/7/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee TP Vol 01 PreludeMAY210087Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee TP Vol 02MAY210088Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
A Man Among Ye TP Vol 01MAY210092Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Mawrth Valliis TPMAY210093New7/21/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Planet Paradise GNMAY210095Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Bliss TPMAY210098New7/21/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Coyotes TP Vol 01MAY210099Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Coyotes TP Vol 02 (MR)MAY210100Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Saints The Book of Blaise TP (MR)MAY210101Reprint6/23/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Thumbs TP (MR)MAY210102Reprint6/16/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Rain Like Hammers TP Sky Cradle (MR)MAY210103New7/28/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
King City TP (MR)MAY210104Reprint6/16/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Multiple Warheads TP Vol 01 (MR)MAY210105Reprint6/23/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
Multiple Warheads TP Vol 02 Ghost Town (MR)MAY210106Reprint6/16/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
Royalboiler Brandon Graham Drawn Out Coll TP (MR)MAY210107Reprint6/23/2021$14.9940%ImageTPB
Scud The Disposable Assassin Whole Shebang TP New PTGMAY210110Reprint6/16/2021$20.9940%ImageTPB
Rock Candy Mountain TP Vol 01 (MR)MAY210111Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Rock Candy Mountain TP Vol 02 (MR)MAY210112Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Sexcastle TP (MR)MAY210113Reprint6/23/2021$9.5940%ImageTPB
American Jesus TP Vol 01 Chosen (New Edition) (MR)MAY210114Reprint6/16/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
American Jesus TP Vol 02 New Messiah (MR)MAY210115Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Battle Pope TP Vol 01 Genesis (New Ptg)MAY210116Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Battle Pope TP Vol 02 Mayhem (MR)MAY210117Reprint6/23/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Battle Pope TP Vol 03 Pillow Talk (MR)MAY210118Reprint6/16/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Black Monday Murders TP Vol 01 All Hail God Mammon (MR)MAY210119Reprint6/23/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
God Complex TP Vol 01 Dogma (MR)MAY210120Reprint6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
God Country TP (MR)MAY210121Reprint6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Goddamned TP Vol 01 The Flood (MR)MAY210123Reprint6/23/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
God Hates Astronauts TP Vol 01 (New Ptg) (MR)MAY210124Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
God Hates Astronauts TP Vol 02 A Star Is Born (MR)MAY210125Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
God Hates Astronauts TP Vol 03 (MR)MAY210126Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Godland TP Vol 01 Hello CosmicMAY210130Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Godland TP Vol 02 Another Sunny DelightMAY210131Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Godland TP Vol 03 Proto Plastic PartyMAY210132New6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Godland TP Vol 04 Amplified NowMAY210133Reprint6/23/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Godland TP Vol 05 Far Beyond The BangMAY210134Reprint6/16/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Godland TP Vol 06 Goodbye DivineMAY210135Reprint6/23/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Savage Dragon TP Vol 07 A Talk With GodMAY210137Reprint6/23/2021$11.9740%ImageTPB
MMW Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol 23MAY210701New11/3/2021$50.0050%MarvelHardcover
MMW Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol 23 Dm Var Ed 315MAY210702New11/3/2021$50.0050%MarvelHardcover
Spider-Man HC Life StoryMAY210703New11/17/2021$17.4950%MarvelHardcover
Marvels Wandavision Art Series HC Slipcase EditionMAY210705New8/25/2021$25.0050%MarvelHardcover
Excalibur Omnibus HC Vol 02 Davis CvrMAY210692New11/3/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Excalibur Omnibus HC Vol 02 Madureira Dm VarMAY210693New11/3/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Captain Britain Omnibus HC Davis CvrMAY210694New10/27/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Captain Britain Omnibus HC Wilson Dm VarMAY210695New10/27/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol 01 Quesada Cvr New PTGMAY210696New11/17/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol 01 Bagley Dm Var New PTGMAY210697New11/17/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol 01 Quesada Dm Var New PTGMAY210698New11/17/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Savage Sword Conan Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol 06 (MR)MAY210699New11/3/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Savage Sword Conan Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol 06 Dm VarMAY210700New11/3/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Marvels Infinity Saga Poster Book Phase 2 TPMAY210704New10/27/2021$12.4950%MarvelTPB
Star Wars High Republic TP Vol 01 There Is No FearMAY210707New8/11/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Heroes Reborn TP Earths Mightiest HeroesMAY210708New8/18/2021$17.4950%MarvelTPB
Captain America Ta-Nehisi Coates TP Vol 05 All Die Young TwoMAY210709New8/18/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Marvel Voices TP LegacyMAY210710New8/4/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
Curse of Man-Thing TPMAY210711New7/28/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Iron Fist TP Heart of DragonMAY210712New8/4/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer TP Vol 13 Kings RansomMAY210713New7/28/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
X-Men By Jonathan Hickman TP Vol 03MAY210714New8/11/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Hellions By Zeb Wells TP Vol 02MAY210715New8/4/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
New Mutants By Vita Ayala TP Vol 01MAY210716New7/28/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
X-Force By Benjamin Percy TP Vol 03MAY210717New8/4/2021$9.9950%MarvelTPB
X-Factor By Leah Williams TP Vol 02MAY210718New8/18/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Marauders By Gerry Duggan TP Vol 03MAY210719New8/4/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Excalibur By Tini Howard TP Vol 03MAY210720New8/11/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
Reign of X TP Vol 02MAY210721New7/28/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
Reign of X TP Vol 03MAY210722New8/18/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
Doctor Strange Epic Collection TP Vampiric VersesMAY210723New7/28/2021$19.9950%MarvelTPB
Star Wars Legends Epic Coll Original Marvel Years TP Vol 05MAY210724New7/28/2021$19.9950%MarvelTPB
Conan Orig Marvel Yrs Epic Coll TP Curse Golden SkullMAY210725New7/28/2021$19.9950%MarvelTPB
Marvel-Verse GN TP Doctor StrangeMAY210726New8/4/2021$4.9950%MarvelTPB
Thor And Loki GN TP Double TroubleMAY210727New9/1/2021$6.4950%MarvelTPB
Ms Marvel GN TP Game OverMAY210728New8/18/2021$6.4950%MarvelTPB
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl GN TP Squirrels Just Wanna Have FunMAY210729New7/28/2021$6.4950%MarvelTPB
Mighty MMW X-Men Strangest Super Heroes GN TP Vol 01 Cho CvrMAY210730New8/11/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Mighty MMW X-Men Strangest Super Heroes GN TP Vol 01 Dm VarMAY210731New8/11/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB