April Pre-Orders

April 2021 Pre-Orders

The purpose of this page is to allow you to sort the books available on DCBS to pre-order this month. I highly recommend you do this as early in the month as possible. Use the filters above to look for the books you want (omnibus, hardcover, etc). If you want to choose a different filter, click on a filter you’ve already set and it will be removed from the filter list so you can add a different one. You can also sort by any of the columns by clicking on the header. By default they are sorted by Publisher -> Format -> Title.

LinkCodeStatusRelease DatePriceDiscountPublisherFormat
Eighty Days HCAPR211187New8/25/2021$16.2435%BoomHardcover
Buffy Vampire Slayer Legacy Edition TP Vol 05APR211217New8/25/2021$19.4935%BoomTPB
Expanse TPAPR211231New8/4/2021$11.0435%BoomTPB
Firefly Unification War TP Vol 03APR211222New8/11/2021$9.7435%BoomTPB
Lumberjanes TP Vol 19APR211278New8/18/2021$9.7435%BoomTPB
Mighty Morphin TP Vol 02 APR211199New8/11/2021$11.0435%BoomTPB
Power Rangers TP Vol 02APR211207New8/18/2021$11.0435%BoomTPB
Aliens HC Dead Orbit APR210406Resolicit5/12/2021$20.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Apex Legends Pathfinders Quest HC APR210378Resolicit5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Akaneiro HCAPR210450Resolicit5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Anthem HCAPR210451Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Assassins Creed Valhalla HCAPR210452Resolicit5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Battlefield 1 HCAPR210453Resolicit5/19/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Bravely Second End Layer HCAPR210454New5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Bravest Warriors HCAPR210455Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Dauntless HC APR210456Resolicit5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Days Gone HCAPR210457Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Dishonored 2 HCAPR210458Resolicit5/12/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Recore HCAPR210459Resolicit5/19/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order HCAPR210460New5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Art of The Last of Us Part II HC APR210461Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Bacon & Other Monstrous Tales HC APR210399Resolicit8/25/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Beasts of Burden HC Vol 02 Neighborhood Watch APR210403Resolicit5/19/2021$13.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Beasts of Burden Wise Dogs & Eldritch Men HC Vol 01APR210404Resolicit5/12/2021$13.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol 01 APR210499Resolicit5/19/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol 02 APR210500Resolicit5/12/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol 03 APR210501Resolicit5/19/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol 05 APR210502Resolicit5/12/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol 06 APR210503Resolicit5/19/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer of Justice HCAPR210364Resolicit5/12/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Blade of Immortal Dlx Ed HC Vol 01 APR210506Resolicit5/12/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Critical Role Chronicles of Exandria Might Nein Dlx Ed HCAPR210418Resolicit5/12/2021$74.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Ec Archives Md HC APR210440New8/4/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Fight Club 2 HC APR210434Resolicit5/12/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive HC Vol 01 APR210522Resolicit5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive HC Vol 02 APR210523Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Grunt HC Art And Unpublished Comics of James StokoeAPR210407Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Jenny Finn HC APR210400Resolicit5/12/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Joe Golem Occult Detective HC Vol 03 Drowning CityAPR210391Resolicit5/19/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Joe Golem Occult Detective HC Vol 04 APR210392Resolicit5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Kabuki HC Vol 01 (Dh) APR210428Resolicit5/12/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Kabuki HC Vol 01 Ltd Ed Dm Var (Dh) APR210429Resolicit5/19/2021$35.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Kabuki Reflections HC (Dh)APR210432Resolicit5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Kabuki Reflections HC Ltd Ed Var (Dh)APR210433Resolicit5/19/2021$41.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Neil Gaiman American Gods HC Vol 01 Shadows APR210437Resolicit5/19/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Neil Gaiman American Gods HC Vol 02 My Ainsel APR210438Resolicit5/12/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Neil Gaiman American Gods HC Vol 03 Moment Storm APR210439Resolicit5/19/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
No Plan B Art of Michael Avon HCAPR210398Resolicit5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Norse Mythology HC Vol 01 APR210355Resolicit5/26/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Soupy Leaves Home HC APR210413New8/4/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseHardcover
Wes Anderson`S Isle of Dogs HC APR210575Resolicit5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
World of Cyberpunk 2077 HC Dlx EdAPR210447New5/19/2021$59.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Yoshitaka Amano The Illustrated Biography HC Beyond The FantAPR210576Resolicit5/12/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Yoshitaka Amano The Illustrated Biography Ltd Ed HC Beyond TAPR210577Resolicit5/19/2021$89.9940%Dark HorseHardcover
Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Library Ed HC Vol 01APR210419Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Fight Club 2 Library HC Ed APR210435Resolicit5/19/2021$89.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Harrow County Library Edition HC Vol 01APR210370Resolicit5/12/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Harrow County Library Edition HC Vol 04 APR210371Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Witcher Library Edition HCAPR210477Resolicit5/19/2021$29.9940%Dark HorseLibrary
Baltimore Omnibus HC Vol 01APR210388Resolicit5/12/2021$20.9940%Dark HorseOmnibus
Baltimore Omnibus HC Vol 02 APR210389Resolicit5/19/2021$20.9940%Dark HorseOmnibus
Aleister & Adolf TP APR210396Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Angelic Layer TP Book 02APR210497Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Astro Boy Omnibus TP Vol 01APR210498Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Next Shadow TP APR210441New8/11/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Avatar Tsu Teys Path TP Vol 01APR210442Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Bang TP Vol 01 APR210382Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Berserk Official Guidebook TP APR210504New5/12/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Berserk TP Flame Dragon Knight APR210505Reprint5/19/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer 45 World of Black Hammer TP Vol 01APR210363New5/19/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer Streets of Spiral TPAPR210365Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer TP Vol 01 Secret OriginsAPR210366Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Black Hammer TP Vol 02 The EventAPR210367Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Blade of Immortal Omnibus TP Vol 01 (Curr Ptg)APR210507Reprint5/19/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Blade of Immortal Omnibus TP Vol 02 New PTG APR210508Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Calamity Kate TP Vol 01APR210380New5/12/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Crimson Flower TP APR210381New8/11/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Critical Role TP Vol 02 Vox Machina Origins APR210420Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Crying Freeman TP Vol 01 APR210509Reprint5/19/2021$8.9740%Dark HorseTPB
Danganronpa Another Episode TP Vol 01 Ultra Despair Girls (CAPR210510Reprint5/12/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Danganronpa Another Episode TP Vol 02 Ultra Despair Girls (CAPR210511Reprint5/19/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Death Follows TPAPR210375Reprint5/19/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney Snow White And Seven Dwarfs TP APR210414New5/12/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Disney The Little Mermaid TP APR210415Reprint5/19/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Drifters TP Vol 04 APR210512Reprint5/12/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Drifters TP Vol 05 APR210513Reprint5/19/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Drifters TP Vol 06 APR210514Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Elfen Lied Omnibus TP Vol 03 APR210516Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Emanon TP Vol 02 Emanon WandererAPR210517Reprint5/19/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Emanon TP Vol 03 Emanon Wanderer APR210518New5/12/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Ether II TP Vol 02 Copper GolemsAPR210384Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Ether TP Vol 01 Death of The Last Golden BlazeAPR210383Reprint5/19/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Ether TP Vol 03 Disappearance of Violet BellAPR210385Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Fight Club 2 TP APR210436Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz G TP Vol 02 APR210524Reprint5/12/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz G TP Vol 03 APR210525New5/19/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz Omnibus TP Vol 01 APR210481Reprint5/19/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz Omnibus TP Vol 02 APR210482Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz Omnibus TP Vol 03 APR210483Reprint5/19/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz Omnibus TP Vol 04 APR210484Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz Omnibus TP Vol 05 APR210485Reprint5/19/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz Omnibus TP Vol 06 APR210486Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz Omnibus TP Vol 07 APR210480New8/25/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz TP Vol 08 APR210526Reprint5/12/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Gantz TP Vol 34 APR210527Reprint5/19/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Giganto Maxia TP APR210528Reprint5/12/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
God of War TPAPR210449Reprint5/19/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Harrow County Omnibus TP Vol 01 APR210372Reprint5/12/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Hp Lovecrafts At Mountains of Madness TP Vol 01 APR210534Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Hp Lovecrafts At Mountains of Madness TP Vol 02 APR210535Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Kabuki Omnibus TP Vol 02APR210430Reprint5/12/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Kabuki Omnibus TP Vol 03APR210431Reprint5/19/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Kabuki Omnibus TP Vol 04 APR210427New8/11/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken TP Vol 01APR210536Reprint5/12/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Lone Wolf 2100 Chase The Setting Sun TP APR210537Reprint5/19/2021$9.5940%Dark HorseTPB
Lost On Planet Earth TP APR210379New8/4/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Manor Black TP APR210374Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Matt Wagner Grendel Tales Omnibus TP Vol 01APR210412Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 04 APR210539Reprint5/19/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Mob Psycho 100 TP Vol 06 APR210540Reprint5/12/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
New Lone Wolf And Cub TP Vol 06 APR210543Reprint5/19/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
New Lone Wolf And Cub TP Vol 07 APR210544Reprint5/12/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
New Lone Wolf And Cub TP Vol 11 APR210545Reprint5/19/2021$8.3940%Dark HorseTPB
Nexus Newspaper Strips TP Vol 01 Gourmando APR210443Reprint8/4/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Nge Legend Piko Piko Middle School Students TP Vol 01APR210546Reprint5/12/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Nge Legend Piko Piko Middle School Students TP Vol 02APR210547Reprint5/19/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Nge Shinji Ikari Raising Project Omnibus TP Vol 02APR210548Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Nge Shinji Ikari Raising Project Omnibus TP Vol 05APR210549Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
No One Left To Fight TP APR210359Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Old Boy TP Vol 03 APR210556Reprint5/12/2021$7.7740%Dark HorseTPB
Old Boy TP Vol 06 APR210557Reprint5/19/2021$7.7740%Dark HorseTPB
Orville Season 1.5 TP Vol 01 New BeginningsAPR210422Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Pros And (Comic) Cons TPAPR210397Reprint5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Psycho Pass Inspector Shinya Kogami TP Vol 02APR210566Reprint5/12/2021$7.1940%Dark HorseTPB
Rg Veda Omnibus TP Vol 02APR210567Reprint5/19/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Rg Veda Omnibus TP Vol 03APR210568Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Secret Loves of Geek Girls TPAPR210416Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Star Blazers TP Vol 01 Space Battleship Yamato 2199APR210570Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Star Blazers TP Vol 02 Space Battleship Yamato 2199APR210571New5/19/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Steeple TP APR210426Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Steeple TP Vol 02 APR210425New8/4/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Tales From Harrow County TPAPR210373Reprint5/19/2021$10.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Tony Takezakis Neon Genesis Evangelion TP APR210572Reprint5/12/2021$7.7940%Dark HorseTPB
Vampire Hunter D Omnibus TP Vol 01 APR210479New8/18/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Veda Assembly Required TPAPR210573Reprint5/19/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Victories Omnibus TP APR210395New8/25/2021$17.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Wandering Island TP Vol 02 APR210574Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Whats Michael TP Vol 01 Fatcat Collection APR210488Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Whats Michael TP Vol 02 Fatcat Collection APR210487Reprint8/18/2021$11.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Witcher Omnibus TP Vol 01APR210478Reprint5/12/2021$14.9940%Dark HorseTPB
Green Lantern Season Two Vol 2 HCAPR217152New7/13/2021$12.4950%DCHardcover
Injustice Year Zero HCAPR217047New7/13/2021$12.4950%DCHardcover
Last God HC APR217153New8/3/2021$24.9950%DCHardcover
New 52 10Th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HCAPR217154New8/10/2021$14.9950%DCHardcover
Sandman The Deluxe Edition Book Three HC APR217155New8/3/2021$24.9950%DCHardcover
Wonder Woman 80 Years of The Amazon Warrior The Deluxe Edition HCAPR217048New8/31/2021$14.9950%DCHardcover
Preacher The 25Th Anniversary Omnibus Vol 2 HC APR217147New8/31/2021$62.5050%DCOmnibus
Batman The Dark Prince Charming TPAPR217140New7/20/2021$8.9950%DCTPB
DC Super Hero Girls Ghosting TPAPR217049New9/7/2021$4.9950%DCTPB
Dceased Unkillables TPAPR217141New7/13/2021$8.9950%DCTPB
Future State Batman Dark Detective TPAPR217142New7/6/2021$17.4950%DCTPB
Future State Suicide Squad TPAPR217143New7/13/2021$9.9950%DCTPB
Future State Wonder Woman TPAPR217144New7/20/2021$9.9950%DCTPB
Justice League Unlimited Girl Power TPAPR217145New7/6/2021$4.9950%DCTPB
Omac One Man Army Corps By Jack Kirby TPAPR217146New8/3/2021$9.9950%DCTPB
Space Jam A New Legacy TPAPR217164New6/29/2021$6.4950%DCTPB
Suicide Squad Case Files 1 TPAPR217156New7/20/2021$9.9950%DCTPB
Suicide Squad Case Files 2 TPAPR217157New7/27/2021$9.9950%DCTPB
Suicide Squad Their Greatest Shots TPAPR217148New7/13/2021$6.4950%DCTPB
Supergirl Adventures Girl of Steel TPAPR217149New8/3/2021$4.9950%DCTPB
Superman Man of Tomorrow Vol 1 Hero of Metropolis TPAPR217150New7/20/2021$9.9950%DCTPB
Sweet Tooth Compendium TP APR217151New6/8/2021$29.9950%DCTPB
Whistle A New Gotham City Hero TPAPR217007New9/7/2021$8.4950%DCTPB
Wonder Woman Lords & Liars TPAPR217158New7/20/2021$12.4950%DCTPB
Raise The Dead HCAPR211030New5/12/2021$12.9935%DynamiteHardcover
Raise The Dead II HCAPR211031New5/19/2021$12.9935%DynamiteHardcover
Super Zombies HC OversizedAPR211029New5/19/2021$12.9935%DynamiteHardcover
Bettie Page Princess & The Pinup TPAPR211054New5/12/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Bettie Page TP Vol 01 Bettie In HollywoodAPR211055Reprint5/19/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Bettie Page TP Vol 02 Model AgentAPR211056Reprint5/12/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Bettie Page Unbound TPAPR211057Reprint5/19/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Die!Namite TP Vol 01APR211099New6/16/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Living Corpse Exhumed TPAPR211034New5/12/2021$12.9935%DynamiteTPB
Living Corpse Omnibus TPAPR211033New5/19/2021$16.2435%DynamiteTPB
Mocking Dead TP Vol 01 APR211035New5/19/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Reanimator TPAPR211032New5/12/2021$11.6935%DynamiteTPB
Red Sonja Price of Blood TPAPR211131New6/9/2021$9.7435%DynamiteTPB
Art of Rush Serving A Life Sentence HC APR210624New9/22/2021$64.9935%IDWHardcover
Herb Trimpe Incredible Hulk Artist Ed HC (Net)APR210689Resolicit5/19/2021$93.750%IDWHardcover
Jim Lees X-Men Artist Ed HC (Net)APR210687Resolicit5/19/2021$112.500%IDWHardcover
John Buscemas Marvel Heroes Artist Ed HC (Net) APR210625Resolicit10/13/2021$112.500%IDWHardcover
John Romita Amazing Spider-Man Artifact Ed HC (Net)APR210692Resolicit5/12/2021$140.630%IDWHardcover
Marvel Covers Modern Era Artist Ed HC Mcfarlane Cvr (Net)APR210691Resolicit5/19/2021$93.750%IDWHardcover
Mike Zeck Classic Marvel Stories Artist Ed HC (Net)APR210690Resolicit5/12/2021$112.500%IDWHardcover
Steranko Nick Fury Agent of Shield Artist Ed HC 2Nd Ed (Net)APR210693Resolicit5/19/2021$140.630%IDWHardcover
Transformers IDW Coll Phase 3 HC Vol 01 APR210684New9/22/2021$38.9935%IDWHardcover
Walter Simonson Thor Return of Beta Ray Bill Artist Ed HC (NAPR210688Resolicit5/12/2021$93.750%IDWHardcover
Godzilla World of Monsters TP APR210641New8/4/2021$19.4935%IDWTPB
Marie Curie Quest For Light TP APR210644New8/18/2021$11.6935%IDWTPB
Scarenthood TPAPR210663New8/25/2021$10.3935%IDWTPB
Sonic Hedgehog Spanish Ed TP Vol 02 El Destino Dr EggmanAPR210657Reprint8/11/2021$10.3935%IDWTPB
Star Wars Adventures Smugglers Run TP APR210661New9/15/2021$6.4935%IDWTPB
TMNT Jennika II TP APR210671New8/18/2021$12.9935%IDWTPB
Better Place GN APR210626New8/11/2021$12.9935%IDWTPB
Girl And The Glim GN APR210627New9/15/2021$8.4435%IDWTPB
Read Only Memories GN APR210662Reprint8/18/2021$11.6935%IDWTPB
Dracula Motherf--Ker HCAPR210212New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageHardcover
Monstress HC Vol 01 APR210270Resolicit5/12/2021$29.9940%ImageHardcover
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici HC Book 01APR210193Resolicit5/19/2021$23.9940%ImageHardcover
Sunstone HC Book 01 APR210247New5/19/2021$23.9940%ImageHardcover
Sunstone HC Book 02 APR210246New5/12/2021$29.9940%ImageHardcover
100 Percent TP APR210273New5/19/2021$14.9940%ImageTPB
Assassin Nation TP Vol 01 APR210128New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 01 Homecoming (New Ptg) APR210141New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 02 (New Ptg)APR210142New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 03APR210143New5/19/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 04 Family HistoryAPR210144Reprint5/12/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 05APR210145New5/19/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 06APR210146Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 07APR210147Reprint5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 08APR210148New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Birthright TP Vol 09APR210149New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Blue Monday TP Vol 01 Kids Are AlrightAPR210257Reprint5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Blue Monday TP Vol 02 Absolute BeginnersAPR210258New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Blue Monday TP Vol 03APR210259New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Bulletproof Coffin TP Vol 01 APR210124New5/12/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
Bulletproof Coffin TP Vol 02 Disinterred APR210125New5/19/2021$10.7940%ImageTPB
Coffin Bound TP Vol 01 APR210184New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Coffin Bound TP Vol 02 Dear God APR210185New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Excellence TP Vol 01APR210217New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee TP Vol 01 PreludeAPR210180Reprint5/12/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee TP Vol 02APR210181New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Ghosted TP Vol 01 APR210218New5/12/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Ghosted TP Vol 02 APR210219New5/19/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Ghosted TP Vol 03 APR210220New5/12/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Ghosted TP Vol 04 Ghost Town APR210221New5/19/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
God Country TP APR210152New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Heavy Liquid TP APR210274New5/12/2021$14.9940%ImageTPB
Ice Cream Man TP Vol 01 Rainbow SprinklesAPR210234Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Ice Cream Man TP Vol 02 Strange Neapolitan APR210235Reprint5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Ice Cream Man TP Vol 03 Hopscotch Melange APR210236New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Ice Cream Man TP Vol 04 Tiny Lives APR210237New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Ice Cream Man TP Vol 05 Other Confections APR210238New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Ice Cream Man TP Vol 06 Just Desserts APR210233New6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Jim Lives Mystery of The Lead Singer of The Doors TPAPR210121New6/16/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Jupiters Legacy TP Vol 01 Netflix Ed APR210103New5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Jupiters Legacy TP Vol 02 Netflix Ed APR210104New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Jupiters Legacy TP Vol 03 Netflix Ed APR210105Reprint5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Jupiters Legacy TP Vol 04 Netflix Ed APR210106Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Kane & Able TP APR210123New6/23/2021$7.7940%ImageTPB
Kid Savage TP Vol 01APR210260Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Last Siege TPAPR210114New5/12/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Lazarus Sourcebook Collection TP Vol 01 APR210120Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Lazarus TP Vol 01 APR210115New5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Lazarus TP Vol 02 Lift APR210116Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Lazarus TP Vol 03 Conclave APR210117New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Lazarus TP Vol 04 Poison APR210118Reprint5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Lazarus TP Vol 05 APR210119New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Limbo TP APR210186New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Madman And The Atomics TP Vol 01APR210154New5/12/2021$14.9940%ImageTPB
Madman Atomic Comics TP Vol 02APR210155New5/19/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Madman Atomic Comics TP Vol 03 Electric AllegoriesAPR210156Reprint5/12/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Madman TP Vol 01APR210153New5/19/2021$14.9940%ImageTPB
Mirka Andolfo Mercy TP APR210161Reprint5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Monstress TP Vol 01 APR210265Reprint5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Monstress TP Vol 02 APR210266Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Monstress TP Vol 03 APR210267Reprint5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Monstress TP Vol 04 APR210268New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Monstress TP Vol 05 APR210269Reprint5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
No Mercy TP Vol 01APR210213Reprint5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
No Mercy TP Vol 02APR210214New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
No Mercy TP Vol 03 APR210215New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Nomen Omen TP Vol 01 Total Eclipse of The Heart APR210240Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Nomen Omen TP Vol 02 Wicked Game APR210241Reprint5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Nomen Omen TP Vol 03 As The World Falls Down APR210239New6/23/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici TP Vol 01 APR210189New5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici TP Vol 02APR210190New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici TP Vol 03APR210191New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici TP Vol 04APR210192New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Plastic TP APR210134New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Rock Candy Mountain TP Vol 01 APR210129New5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
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Savage Dragon Legacy TPAPR210137New5/19/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
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Savage Dragon Warfare TP APR210138New5/12/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
Seven To Eternity TP Vol 01APR210243New5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
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Seven To Eternity TP Vol 04APR210242New6/30/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Sexcastle TP APR210131New5/19/2021$9.5940%ImageTPB
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Snotgirl TP Vol 02 California ScreamingAPR210262New5/12/2021$9.5940%ImageTPB
Snotgirl TP Vol 03 Is This Real LifeAPR210263Reprint5/19/2021$9.5940%ImageTPB
Spawn Compendium TP Vol 01 (New Edition) APR210112New5/12/2021$35.9940%ImageTPB
Sun Bakery Fresh Coll TP APR210264New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Swing TP Vol 01 APR210254Reprint5/12/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Swing TP Vol 02 APR210255New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Swing TP Vol 03 APR210256New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Tech Jacket TP Vol 01 Boy From EarthAPR210222New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Tech Jacket TP Vol 02APR210223New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Tech Jacket TP Vol 03APR210224Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Tech Jacket TP Vol 04 All Falls DownAPR210225New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
That Texas Blood TP Vol 01 APR210196New5/12/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Thief of Thieves TP Vol 01 APR210226New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Thief of Thieves TP Vol 02APR210227Reprint5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Thief of Thieves TP Vol 03 APR210228New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Thief of Thieves TP Vol 04 APR210229New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Thief of Thieves TP Vol 05 APR210230New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Thief of Thieves TP Vol 06 APR210231New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Thief of Thieves TP Vol 07 APR210232Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Twisted Romance TP APR210216Reprint5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Undiscovered Country TP Vol 01 APR210211New5/19/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Unnatural TP Vol 01 Awakening APR210162New5/12/2021$5.9940%ImageTPB
Unnatural TP Vol 02 APR210163New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Unnatural TP Vol 03 APR210164New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Paul Is Dead OgnAPR210122New5/12/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Sunstone Ogn Vol 01 APR210248New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Sunstone Ogn Vol 02 APR210249New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
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Sunstone Ogn Vol 04 APR210251New5/19/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Sunstone Ogn Vol 05 APR210252New5/12/2021$8.9940%ImageTPB
Sunstone Ogn Vol 06 APR210253New5/19/2021$10.1940%ImageTPB
Wanted GN (New Ptg) APR210107New5/19/2021$11.9940%ImageTPB
MMW Ghost Rider HC Vol 03APR210973New10/13/2021$37.5050%MarvelHardcover
MMW Ghost Rider HC Vol 03 Dm Var Ed 313APR210974New10/13/2021$37.5050%MarvelHardcover
MMW Tomb Dracula HC Vol 01APR210975New10/20/2021$37.5050%MarvelHardcover
MMW Tomb Dracula HC Vol 01 Dm Var Ed 314APR210976New10/20/2021$37.5050%MarvelHardcover
Kull Conqueror Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Bolton Dm Var APR210968New10/6/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Kull Conqueror Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Lopez Cvr APR210967New10/6/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Star Wars Darth Vader By Soule Omnibus HC Camuncoli Dm VarAPR210972New10/20/2021$50.0050%MarvelOmnibus
Star Wars Darth Vader By Soule Omnibus HC Deodato CvrAPR210971New10/20/2021$50.0050%MarvelOmnibus
Star Wars Legends Rise Sith Omnibus HC Bachs CvrAPR210969New9/29/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Star Wars Legends Rise Sith Omnibus HC Fleming Dm VarAPR210970New9/29/2021$62.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Young Avengers Gillen Mckelvie Omnibus HC Dm Var New PTGAPR210978New10/6/2021$37.5050%MarvelOmnibus
Young Avengers Gillen Mckelvie Omnibus HC New PTGAPR210977New10/6/2021$37.5050%MarvelOmnibus
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Fantastic Four Heroes Return Complete Collection TP Vol 03APR211004New7/7/2021$19.9950%MarvelTPB
History Marvel Universe TP Buscema Dm VarAPR210980New6/30/2021$12.4950%MarvelTPB
History Marvel Universe TP Mcniven CvrAPR210979New6/30/2021$12.4950%MarvelTPB
History Marvel Universe TP Rodriguez Dm VarAPR210981New6/30/2021$12.4950%MarvelTPB
King In Black Avengers TPAPR210985New7/14/2021$9.9950%MarvelTPB
King In Black Gwenom vs Carnage TPAPR210988New7/21/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
King In Black Namor TPAPR210984New7/14/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
King In Black Planet Symbiotes TPAPR210986New7/7/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
King In Black Thunderbolts TPAPR210987New7/21/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
King In Black TPAPR210982New6/23/2021$12.4950%MarvelTPB
Maestro War And Pax TPAPR210993New7/28/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Marvel-Verse GN TP She-HulkAPR211006New7/7/2021$4.9950%MarvelTPB
Mighty MMW Fantastic Four GN TP Vol 01 Greatest HeroesAPR211007New7/14/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Mighty MMW Fantastic Four GN TP Vol 01 Greatest Heroes Dm VaAPR211008New7/14/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Modok Head Games TPAPR210994New6/23/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
New Mutants Epic Collection TP Sudden DeathAPR211000New7/21/2021$19.9950%MarvelTPB
Reign of X TP Vol 01APR210991New6/23/2021$8.9950%MarvelTPB
Silk Out of The Spider-Verse TP Vol 02APR211003New6/23/2021$17.4950%MarvelTPB
Star Wars Doctor Aphra TP Vol 02 Engine JobAPR210996New7/28/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Symbiote Spider-Man King In Black TPAPR210989New6/30/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Ultimates By Ewing Complete Collection TPAPR211005New6/23/2021$22.4950%MarvelTPB
Union Britannia Project TPAPR210992New7/7/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Us Agent TP American ZealotAPR210995New6/23/2021$7.9950%MarvelTPB
Venom By Donny Cates TP Vol 06 King In BlackAPR210983New7/21/2021$9.9950%MarvelTPB
Wolverine Epic Collection Blood And Claws TPAPR211001New7/7/2021$19.9950%MarvelTPB
X-Men Epic Collection TP Mutant Genesis New PTGAPR210999New6/23/2021$19.9950%MarvelTPB