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New Look 2020-09-30

This should be fairly obvious as you are looking at this post but I changed the look of the site. After some thinking and talking to others, it has become clear that a site with as much text and whatnot as this one looks better on a white background. So I’ve swapped over to a light skin, made a few little edits here and there, and here we are! If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to use the contact form under the Misc menu (or tell me on FB, in the Discord chat, etc). Always love to hear from people.

Restocks and Contact Forms 2020-09-16

So you should have noticed the “Restock” menu now at the top of the site. Molly from the Omnibus Collectors Group is running a script that checks a list of requested items on IST daily to see if anything is back in stock then adding the updates to the site here for easy archiving. We’ve also worked up a form for adding new items to the list as well as signing up for email updates if you’d like.

Additionally, I’ve added a couple contact forms. One for corrections, missing info, etc and one for general site suggestions/requests. Please feel free to reach out. I’m only one person so I don’t always see every single thing and some people have great suggestions (not to mention if I see the same thing a few times that will probably push me to put some work into adding new things).

Of course as always, I’ve made a bunch of updates to the database. There were a bunch of release date changes, additions, more info on some things, etc. I’m always adding more info to these and manually checking the Previews shipping updates and such as well as using the weekly list from IST that has updates (but again I’m not omnipotent so if you see something, say something 😛 ).

Database Updates 2020-09-05

Yup. There’s some new stuff, some stuff with new info (ISBN or Diamond Codes added and some Collected issues), and as I have to deal with at least weekly, a bunch of things have shifted release dates all over the place. I do this fairly regularly but I figured every once in a while it would be good to mention it.

Also worth noting if you weren’t aware, I’ve started adding all the HCs even from companies I know very little about weekly. InStockTrades is now giving me a copy of the list of stuff on sale for the next week every Thursday/Friday and I go move things, add things, and double check things. So what you see on the “This Week” and “Next Week” pages should generally be up to date (next week page will generally be updated on Fridays).

I’m also going to add a contact page soon so you can send me an email if you find something is off, missing, or just have general suggestions so keep an eye peeled.

OOP Updates and More Database Updates 2020-08-12

Today Omnidog informed me that there was a new list from TheTurtleDog with the latest out of print and stock running low lists. Keeping in mind this info currently is just for Marvel. I also took a moment to add some more info to the database and you will now see both previews and Penguin/Edelweiss links for books. I went through and added ISBNs for all the Marvel books and I’ll work on the other publishers soon.

Quality of Life Updates 2020-08-10

I’ve recently made a number of improvements to the database here.

  • I’ve added links now to IST in addition to Bookshop.
  • There are now separate columns for Diamond Codes and ISBNs for books.
  • I’ve been informed that as Diamond will still be delivering DC internationally, there will still be Diamond codes and I’ve updated all the future DC books that have them.
  • A large number of new Marvel and DC books have been found/shared for next year. Thanks to Omar and Near Mint Condition for dropping all the details for Marvel early in his videos (here and here).
Huge Info Update 2020-07-18

I’ve just finished updating release dates, prices, and ISBN numbers for all the DC books. Comic store delivery dates now match the dates Penguin delivers to the book stores (as per the UCS website) so I’ve fixed most of those up now. As DC no longer has Diamond codes (obviously), I’ve linked all the DC entries to the prhinternational site for extra info beyond the basics.

I’ve also updated the entries for everything else but Marvel with the current dates from Previews as well as prices.

Site Updates 2020-07-16

I am starting a news area for updates to the site. Recently I’ve made a large number of updates to various books that have been pushed around or removed from Diamond Previews (thanks DC). I’ve also been working on a few new features for the collected editions tables:

  • The table is now 3 columns with a + sign to expand out to a lot more data. Currently it has the Publisher, Diamond Code, Price, and a link the Diamond previews page for any book I’ve got a Diamond code for.
  • I’ve added the ability to scroll sideways in mobile view. Previously the side of the table would get cut off and there was nothing you could do. Now you can scroll over. I noticed that the “Collects” column is simply too big to fit properly otherwise.
  • I’ve added this news category to the home page! I will generally drop in here to mention bigger site updates and such and leave the new solicits to the slider above unless it seems advantageous to show those off too.

Leave comments if you have any suggestions for fixes, features, or dates you’ve noticed are wrong and I’ll take a look!