About Dom

About Dom

Dom of X

Born in the Philippines and raised in the beautiful and warm state of sunny California, Dom of X is not only the assistant editor of Comic Releases, they are a content creator on all platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Ever since they were just a child, Dom developed a love and a passion for comic book characters, always dreaming that he could be the next Batman, Superman, and even cosplayed as Spider-Man and Darth Vader multiple times during Halloween. It ballooned into fueling that passion by realizing that this would be a full-time hobby for him.

I’m also the assistant editor of the site! If you see a release date update, price update, solicitation post, or news post, it’s usually coming from my keyboard! I love data entry, programming, and experimenting on anything and everything. Consider the cat curious!

How Did You Get Into The Hobby?

It all started with a gift.

Back when I was in kindergarten (around six/seven years old), I visited my family back home in the Philippines. My uncle gave me a copy of the Sinestro Corps War Special one-shot upon arrival. I fell in love with the grandeur of the comic book, and I haven’t stopped since.

My cousin gifted me a trade of Scott Snyder’s Batman (New 52) and Geoff Johns’ Justice League (also New 52) several years later, and that’s when I began to read more or so often until I started pulling comic books at my comic shop in 2018.

Favorite Creators & Comics?

I’ve always fancied myself as a fan of science fiction and the unknown. What stretches

Social Media/YouTube

Daily. All the facts. Some of the BS.

As a content creator, I always attempt to push the boundaries of what I can on a weekly basis. I host a couple of podcasts with my friends and aquiantances.

My YouTube is Dom of X.

You can follow me down below on all social media platforms.