Upcoming Restocks

Upcoming Restocks

Where do you get this info?

Usually Omar at Near Mint Condition or anything I hear that looks legit around the net. Sometimes Diamond resolicits things in the monthly solicits that are things people are looking for and I might put them here as well. If you see something and the date looks off, give me a shout on the Changes / Updates / Additions page.

Additionally, sometimes these dates fluctuate and I don’t get any kind of notice so I HIGHLY recommend you add the book to the Restock Requests page and get yourself on the list so you can get a jump on things if you’re looking for something specific. I’ve seen these come out earlier than anticipated so it’s best to get on the alerts just in case.

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Release DateTitlePublisherCodeISBNPriceMore InfoPreviewsPurchase (Affiliate)StatusISTCGN
2020-11-18AMAZING SPIDER-MAN STRACZYNSKI OMNIBUS HC VOL 02MarvelSEP1909689781302923136$125.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKEDYY
2020-11-18SILVER SURFER OMNIBUS HC VOL 01 NEW PTG (Corrected)MarvelOCT1910909781302922696$100.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKEDNY
2020-11-25ABSOLUTE CARNAGE OMNIBUS HCMarvelFEB2010469781302925291$100.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKEDY?
2020-12-03SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK BY BYRNE OMNIBUS HCMarvelOCT1910999781302923686$125.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKED EARLYYY
2020-12-03SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK BY BYRNE OMNIBUS HC DM VARMarvelOCT1911009781302923686$125.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKEDYN
2020-12-16ANNIHILATION OMNIBUSMarvelJUL1910879781302921651$125.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKED EARLYY?
2020-12-16UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS HC VOL 01 NEW PTGMarvelNOV1909579781302924805$100.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKED EARLYYY
2020-12-31MORBIUS LIVING VAMPIRE OMNIBUS HCMarvelNOV1909529781302922405$100.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKED EARLYNY
2020-12-31MORBIUS LIVING VAMPIRE OMNIBUS HC DM VARMarvelNOV1909539781302922405$100.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | BookshopRESTOCKED EARLYYY
2021-02-17WOLVERINE OMNIBUS HC VOL 01 NEW PTGMarvelOCT1910889781302922672$100.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | Bookshop
2021-02-17X-MEN GRAND DESIGN OMNIBUS HCMarvelJAN2010439781302925246$100.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | Bookshop
2021-03-03CONAN BARBARIAN ORIG MARVEL YRS OMNIBUS HC VOL 04MarvelJAN2010389781302917890$125.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | Bookshop
2021-03-03SPIDER-MAN BEN REILLY OMNIBUS HC VOL 02MarvelJAN2010359781302925208$125.00HachettePreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | Bookshop