Restock Addition

Use this form to request a book to be added to the restock script as well as get an alert emailed out to you! This script is run daily and checks to see which books have come back in stock at InStockTrades.

  • If a book is clearly OOP (e.g. Colossal Conan), it will not be added to the script.
  • Books that have not come back in stock a single time after four months on the list will be automatically removed. Exceptions to this rule are “evergreen” books such as the Hellboy Library Editions.
  • The email you will receive is inclusive of all books that have been requested by all users, not just your own request.

Send Me Emails

Diamond Codes can be found on the All Upcoming Collected Editions page or on any IST product page under the "Product Code" item (Example: SEP190968 for ASM JMS Vol 2).