Dark Horse Upcoming Collected Editions

Dark Horse Upcoming Collected Editions

On this page you will find the release dates for omnibus, hardcovers, complete collections, and epic collections from publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Dynamite, Valiant, and more! I tend to add new books to this page as soon as I am able to find them from a number of different sources including the pages of the actual book publisher, Edelweiss, monthly solicits (which I also have on my site), random Amazon listings, and Omar from Near Mint Condition on Youtube (he gets extra early book solicitations from Marvel directly). If I see a book is coming, I will add that book to this page as soon as humanly possible so you know when it is coming.

The first part of each listing shows you the date a book releases, the date I added the book (which you can sort by), the title (either from the publisher or the shorter title from Diamond), the contents of the book (if there is an official solicit for it or something I could find), and the publisher.

If you click on the row of a book you want more info on (or the plus sign), you will be greeted with a bunch of extra information such as:

  • Diamond Code – The code that Diamond uses to reference their books each month.
  • ISBN – That big number on the barcode on the back of the book. This can be used to find the book all over the place very specifically. Especially helpful for tracking a specific printing or just making sure you’re actually looking at the right book on eBay/Amazon/other sites.
  • Price – This is the full retail price (MSRP). Expect it to be on IST for roughly 42% off that price and CGN to be around the same. Amazon does some kind of black magic to determine pricing so your guess is as good as mine.
  • Link to the book publisher site’s entry on the book – I provide this link primarily so that you can find a great deal more information on books on these websites for things like trim size, page count, etc that I simply don’t see the point in tracking. You can also see the release date for the book here but keep in mind that other than DC, all the other comic publishers tend to release the books a week or two earlier than this date to comic stores.
  • Link to the previews site for the book (that would be the site Diamond runs) – I provide this primarily as a check on the info on my site AND in the event that a release date for a book changes and I haven’t gotten to correcting it yet, you have a link directly to a source.
  • Links to several different sites where you can purchase said book – Particularly helpful as I have taken the time to learn the URL structure of several websites and can generate links to books they haven’t even listed yet, thereby allowing you to sit here and click links the day a book comes out without having to search for them manually.

Additionally, I put together a “This Week” and “Next Week” page together on the menu there above so that you can see what is coming out in a more focused way (many people like to open up the “This Week” page on IST Tuesday and click links to buy the books instead of waiting for their front page to get updated).

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when you click an Amazon link and the same applies for Bookshop.org links.
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Release DateAddedTitleCollectsPublisherCodeISBNPriceMore InfoPreviewsPurchase (Affiliate)
2021-07-072021-01-01BANDETTE HC VOL 04 SIX FINGER SECRETDark HorseMAR2103079781506719269$17.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-07-072021-01-01RAPTOR LTD ED HCDark HorseMAR2102589781506722580$99.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-07-282021-01-01OPERATION DRAGON HCDark HorseMAR2103069781506722788$24.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-07-282021-01-01SHADOWS HCDark HorseMAR2103039781506725345$24.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-08-042021-03-25EC ARCHIVES MD HCThe complete run of MD, recolored digitally using the original palette, featuring art by legendary comics talents Reed Crandall, Joe Orlando, Graham Ingels, and George EvansDark HorseAPR2104409781506702704$49.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-08-042021-03-25SOUPY LEAVES HOME HCDark HorseAPR2104139781506722054$17.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-08-112021-01-01Blade of the Immortal Deluxe Volume 3 HCBlade of the Immortal volumes 7 to 9Dark HorseFEB2103239781506721019$49.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-08-182021-01-01CASTLEVANIA ART OF THE ANIMATED SERIES HCDark HorseFEB2103079781506715704$39.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-08-252021-03-25BACON & OTHER MONSTROUS TALES HC (RES)Boogie Picker (8 pages from DHP #131), Bacon part 1 (15 pages from Oni Double Feature #3), and Bacon part 2 (15 pages from Oni Double Feature #4), and much moreDark HorseAPR210399$19.99N/APreviews| IST | ToW | CGN
2021-08-252021-01-01Berserk Deluxe Volume 8 HCBerserk volumes 22-24, including three fold-out color postersDark HorseMAR2103149781506717913$49.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-012021-01-01Norse Mythology Volume 1 HCNorse Mythology issues #1-#6Dark HorseNOV2001949781506718743$29.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-012021-05-25STRANGER THINGS LIBRARY ED HC VOL 01Stranger Things Volume 1: The Other Side and Stranger Things Volume 4: Science CampDark HorseMAY2102719781506727622$39.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-012021-03-24The Complete American Gods (Graphic Novel) HCAmerican Gods: Shadows #1-9, American Gods: My Ainsel #1-9, and American Gods: The Moment of the Storm #1-9Dark HorseMAY2102679781506720760$124.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-082021-05-25CHIVALRY HCDark HorseMAY2102619781506719115$19.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-082021-05-25DRAGON AGE DARK FORTRESS HCDragon Age: Dark Fortress #1-#3Dark HorseMAY2103089781506708287$19.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-152021-01-01Black Hammer: Visions Volume 1Black Hammer: Visions #1-4 and also features a sketchbook section and pinups by Gilbert Hernandez, Evan Dorkin, Kelley Jones, Christina Chung, and moreDark HorseMAY2102509781506723266$24.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-152021-05-25CRITICAL ROLE MIGHTY NEIN ORIGINS HC YASHA NYDOORINDark HorseMAY2102709781506723792$17.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-152021-05-25DEAD DOGS BITE HC (MR)Dead Dog’s Bite #1-#4Dark HorseMAY2102939781506714677$24.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-152021-05-25OVERWATCH TRACER LONDON CALLING HCOVERWATCH TRACER LONDON CALLING #1-#5Dark HorseMAY2103119781506717098$24.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-152021-03-26Young Hellboy: The Hidden LandDark HorseMAY2102499781506723983$24.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-222021-01-01LEGEND OF KORRA ART ANIMATED HC BOOK 02 SPIRITS 2ND EDDark HorseFEB2102509781506721903$39.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-222021-05-25NOCTURNALS OMNIBUS HCBlack Planet, Witching Hour, Carnival of Beasts, and Troll BridgeDark HorseMAY2102959781506726199$29.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-292021-05-25ELEGANT SPIRITS AMANOS TALE OF GENJI & FAIRIES HCDark HorseMAY2103249781506725314$39.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-292021-05-25FALCONSPEARE HCDark HorseMAY2102469781506724768$17.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-292021-05-25SIN CITY DLX HC VOL 01 THE HARD GOODBYE (4TH ED) (MR)Dark HorseMAY2102369781506728377$100.00PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-292021-01-01Tales from the Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death (Deluxe Edition)You Look Like Death #1-#6, as well as a brand new eight-page Seance story (exclusive to the hardcover editions) an expanded sketchbook section, and a foreword by Robert Sheehan, portrayer of Klaus in the hit Netflix series! The Deluxe format also includes a slipcase designed by Tony Ong and a portfolio containing an exclusive print by I.N.J. Culbard!Dark HorseMAY2102389781506725987$79.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-09-292021-01-01Tales from the Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death Library EditionYou Look Like Death #1-#6, a brand new eight-page Seance story exclusive to the hardcovers, an expanded sketchbook section, and a foreword by Robert Sheehan, portrayer of Klaus in the hit Netflix seriesDark HorseMAY2102379781506725932$39.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-052021-01-01Cyberpunk 2077: Where's JohnnyDark Horse9781506726250$19.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2021-10-062021-05-25EC ARCHIVES FRONTLINE COMBAT HC VOL 03 (MR)Frontline Combat #12-#15Dark HorseJUN2103529781506715353$49.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-062021-05-25PLANTS VS ZOMBIES HC VOL 07 BOXED SETDark HorseJUN2103709781506717944$32.97PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-062021-05-25RUNESCAPE FIRST 20 YEARS AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY HCDark HorseJUN2103839781506721255$39.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-122021-03-24Falconspeare HCDark Horse9781506724768$17.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2021-10-132021-01-01ART OF APEX LEGENDS HCDark HorseFEB210306$39.99N/APreviews| IST | ToW | CGN
2021-10-132021-01-01ART OF TROVER SAVES UNIVERSE HCDark HorseFEB210305$39.99N/APreviews| IST | ToW | CGN
2021-10-132021-05-25BEASTS OF 4 NATIONS CREATURES FROM AVATAR DLX HCDark HorseJUN210360$79.99N/APreviews| IST | ToW | CGN
2021-10-132021-05-25BEASTS OF 4 NATIONS CREATURES FROM AVATAR HCDark HorseJUN210359$39.99N/APreviews| IST | ToW | CGN
2021-10-132021-05-25Creeping HCDark HorseJUN2102869781506724881$19.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-192021-03-24Blade of the Immortal Deluxe Volume 4Blade of the Immortal volumes 10 to 12Dark HorseJUN2103889781506726557$49.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-192021-03-24Enigma: The Definitive Edition HCDark HorseJUN2103059781506720692$24.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-202021-05-25KINGDOM HEARTS CHARACTER FILES HCDark HorseJUN2103859781506725789$44.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-202021-05-25TRUE LIVES FABULOUS OF THE KILLJOYS CALIFORNIA DLX HC#1-#5 of the 2014 series The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: CaliforniaDark HorseJUN2103029781506725994$79.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-272021-01-01CRITICAL ROLE MIGHTY NEIN ORIGINS JESTER HCDark HorseFEB2102399781506723761$17.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-10-272021-05-25EVIL DEAD 40TH ANNIVERSARY ED HC (MR)Dark HorseJUN2103509781506727745$19.99PenguinPreviewsAmazon | IST | ToW | CGN | OPB
2021-11-092021-03-24Berserk Deluxe Volume 9 HCBerserk volumes 25-27Dark Horse9781506717920$49.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2021-11-092021-05-25Stranger Things Library Edition Volume 2Dark Horse9781506727639$39.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2021-11-302021-03-26Witchfinder Omnibus Volume 2Witchfinder TPB volumes 4-6Dark Horse9781506726175$39.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2021-12-212021-03-24Grendel: Devil's OdysseyGrendel: Devil's Odyssey comics #1-#8Dark Horse9781506714059$29.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2022-01-112021-04-23Madman Library Edition Volume 2MADMAN COMICS 11-20, SUPERMAN/MADMAN Hullabaloo, NEXUS MEETS MADMAN, MADMAN JAM, MADMAN KING-SIZE Super Groovy Special!, WHO KILLED MADMAN? (POWERS crossover), MADMAN All-New, Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special!, MADMAN Monster!, and "MADMAN Detour to Armenia"Dark Horse9781506722450$99.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2022-01-182021-04-23Lady Baltimore: The Witch QueensDark Horse9781506719429$129.00PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2022-02-082021-06-18Tales from the OuterverseCojacaru the Skinner #1-#2, The Golem Walks Among Us! #1-#2, & Imogen of the Wyrding Way one-shotDark Horse9781506722979$24.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2022-02-152021-06-18Blade of the Immortal Deluxe Volume 5Blade of the Immortal volumes 13 to 15Dark Horse9781506726564$49.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2022-03-012021-06-18Lobster Johnson Omnibus Volume 1Trade volumes The Burning Hand, Satan Smells a Rat, and Get the Lobster and the short story Lobster Johnson: The Empty ChairDark Horse9781506726397$39.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB
2022-03-082021-06-18Berserk Deluxe Volume 10Berserk Volumes 28–30Dark Horse9781506727547$49.99PenguinN/AAmazon | OPB

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