Pre-Orders and Restock Masterlist

Thanks to Vertigo, we now have a great big page specifically listing out ALL the stuff up for preorder this month at DCBS in the form of the Monthly Pre-Orders page. It has many sorting and filtering options to help you zero in on what you want (HCs, Omnis, TPBs even) and it will now be a monthly feature on our site until DCBS comes up with a better more useful system for sorting and filtering. Drop us a line and let us know what you think! I think he did a fantastic job and I definitely look forward to using this myself in the coming months. On that note, if you’ve been having issues getting stuff on day 1 at IST, DCBS is a lot less stressful way of getting your books. Something to keep in mind.

Additionally, Molly will now be updating the Restock Masterlist page with everything that her script is currently checking to see if it is in stock. It will also add links to any book that it currently found in stock and remove links to thinks that have since gone out of stock. Hope you like it!


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