Upcoming February Books with Omnidog

So the last couple months, I’ve been getting together with Jess (the Omnidog) and doing a video for the upcoming month’s books. Chatting about what’s coming, when, and what’s inside (and gushing over which ones we’re excited for). Take a peek at that if you have a chance!

On a related note, I’ve gone through and updated all the books for February so far. I’ll be taking some time to run through the rest of the stuff in here to update as well but that’ll be slow going. The ugly side of doing this site is that books are CONSTANTLY switching release dates (as little as a week and as much as like 9 months later sometimes). So keep an eye peeled. If you notice anything specific that’s off, you can always drop me a line. I’ll also be posting a new poll for collected editions (and maybe a couple extra polls for you thicc TPB lovers and such) so watch out for that!


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