September 2021

Dynamite September 2021 Solicitations

Dynamite September 2021 Solicitations

the Dynamite September 2021 solicitations are here! Die!namite continues, Battie Page Unbound get a TPB, Army of Darknes 1979 begins, and much more!

Common abbreviations

  • TP/TPB: Trade Paperback
  • SC: Softcover (like a TPB)
  • HC: Hardcover
  • FC: Full Color
  • DM: Direct Market. This refers primarily to comic book stores or online shops that order via the same means as a comic book store (primarily Diamond or Lunar). Places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble will generally NOT have these variants.
  • FOC: Final Order Cutoff – The time an order has to be submitted by the vendor. Also when you need to get your order in by at TalesofWonder for preorders.
  • RES: Resolicit – A new listing for a product that was previously solicited in PREVIEWS or New to Order, and which is being listed anew since the original Solicitation was cancelled either by the vendor or by Diamond.
  • O/A: Offered Again – This designates an item that has been previously solicited and released, but is being solicited again.


Trade Paperbacks

Bettie Page Unbound Vol. 2

Cover: David Williams | Writer: David Avallone | Artist: Julius Ohta
ISBN-13: 978-1-5241-2087-0
Price: $19.99
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 128
On Sale Date: 9/29/2021

It’s almost 1953, and Americans are afraid.
There are flying saucers in the sky, a Commie spy under every bed…and something even more dangerous might be attacking America…from within!

It’s up to Model Agent Bettie Page to find out what it is…and stop it.

As a mysterious, invisible enemy closes in on Model Agent Bettie Page, and she doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust… in this Invasion of the Bettie Snatchers!

Includes issues 6-10 of the Dynamite series!

Single Issues

Red Sonja #1

Writer: Mirka Andolfo | Artist: Guiseppe Cafaro
Cover A: Mirka Andolfo
Cover B: Jay Anacleto
Cover C: Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover D: Erica D’Urso
Cover E: Tabitha Lyons Cosplay
Cover F: Blank Authentix
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/1/2021

MOTHER, PART ONE. Industry icon MIRKA ANDOLFO presents an all-new vision for the She-Devil With A Sword, in a thrilling new ongoing series! Our story begins in a village on fire, set by members of the dreaded Three-Eyed Shezem. When Red Sonja arrives, the only survivor of the flame is a lively child with curious white tattoos. The child will become Sonja’s travel companion, on a journey from hardened ice to imposing forests, where dangerous secrets wait to be revealed…

Begin a trailblazing adventure with MIRKA ANDOLFO (Unnatural, Mercy) and incredible artist GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Suicide Squad)!

Army of Darkness: 1979 #1

Writer: Rodney Barnes | Artist: Tom Garcia
Cover A: Jason Shawn Alexander
Cover B: Arthur Suydam
Cover C: Junggeun Yoon
Cover D: Stuart Sayger
Cover E: Blank Authentix
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/8/2021

Dare we say it!?!? Yes! We Dare!


After his most recent appearance in Die!namite Lives, Ashley Williams is retired. Settled down. Haunted by the Deadites and the Necronomicon no more- wait, no, that ain’t right… None of that is true! In fact, not only is Ash still haunted by Deadites and the Necronomicon, but he’s haunted by the both of them in the 1970s (kids, ask your parents. Parents, ask yourselves!)! And what does he find in the South Bronx of the late 70s? Gangs! And what have those gangs found? The Necronomicon. So, what does that make the gangs? Bad-Ass Mxxxerfxxxers.

Dynamite proudly presents a brand new Army of Darkness series, written by Rodney Barnes (Killadelphia), drawn by Tom Garcia and featuring an awesome array of cover artists, including the Dynamite return of Jason Shawn Alexander, along with Junggeun Yoon, and Stuart Sayger and the Zombie King himself — Arthur Suydam!

Vampiverse #1

Writer: Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson | Artist: Daniel Maine
Cover A: Adam Hughes
Cover B: Stephen Segovia
Cover C: Maria Laura Sanapo
Cover D: Meghan Hetrick
Cover E: Rachel Hollon Cosplay
Cover F: Blank Authentix
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/15/2021

From the writers of Vengeance of Vampirella, and the Vampirella Valentine’s Day Special 2021 comes a mind-splitting event!

A different Vampirella for every thread—for every kind of story—across the Fabric of time and space. A Vampirella of every conceivable notion born to protect her particular reality . . . but now something—someone—is killing them and stealing away their precious life energies and growing in power. It is up to the Vampirella of one of these universes to gather some of her special sisters to stop this growing threat and keep it from destroying the Creator of all things—the Artist—and preventing the unraveling of all reality.

KISS: Phantom Obsession #2

Writer: Ian Edginton | Artist: Celor
Cover A: Jae Lee
Cover B: Stuart Sayger
Cover C: Tim Seeley
Cover D: Celor
Cover E: Photo
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/8/2021

KISS Comics are back! Dynamite proudly continues to present the best, because you continue to want the best… KISS in “Phantom Obsession”!

The band have found themselves wined, dined and detained by the genius Darius Cho! As Cho puts each member through the wringer, a new-found ally may be able to help the Masters of all things Rock and/or Roll get the upper hand on Cho and his army of pop-culture-inspired destruction!

Featuring the most metal of heavy metal covers by Jae Lee Stuart Sayger, Tim Seeley, series artist Celor and a special photo cover featuring the one-and-only legends of Rock and/or Roll – KISS!

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #2

Writer: David Avallone | Artist: Juan Samu
Cover A: Dave Acosta
Cover B: Juan Samu
Cover C: Anthony Marques, J. Bone
Cover D: Photo
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/8/2021

The two titans of horror and comedy unite in comics for the very first time! Dynamite Entertainment Proudly Presents… Elvira Meets Vincent Price!

Elvira and the Ghost of Vincent Price continue their quest to find a lost cult movie… AND save the world from the wrath of an awakened Egyptian god. Their journey takes them to the crumbling country estate of a reclusive film director and his movie-star bride, but things go all Dr. Phibes before you can say House of Usher! Come for the sexy horror, stay for the terrible puns and movie trivia! From writer David Avallone (Bettie Page, Twilight Zone: The Shadow) and artist Juan Samu!

Issue #2 features a continuing all-star cast of cover artists, including fan favorites Dave Acosta, Anthony Marques w/J. Bone, series artist Juan Samu and a stunning photo of the gorgeous lady herself – Elvira: Mistress of the Dark!

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #3

Writer: Gail Simone, Dearbhla Kelly, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou | Artist: Walter Geovani, Soo Lee, Jonathan Lau
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
Cover B: Sean Izaakse
Cover C: Jonathan Lau
Cover D: Rachel Hollon
Price: $4.99
On Sale Date: 9/15/2021

The greatest tales! The most amazing storytellers! Red Sonja, like you’ve NEVER seen before…all presented in beautiful black, white, and red!

Superstar GAIL SIMONE returns to The She-Devil With A Sword with artist WALTER GEOVANI, for a tale spanning Sonja’s entire life…

DEARBHLA KELLY and SOO LEE spin a story of interlaced intrigue and savage adventure…
HASSAN OTSMANE-ELAHOU and JONATHAN LAU feature a conundrum for Sonja, in the form of a foreboding, fire-breathing dragon…

Barbarella #3

Writer: Sarah Hoyt | Artist: Madibek Musabekov
Cover A: Lucio Parillo
Cover B: Derrick Chew
Cover C: Carla Cohen
Cover D: Celina
Cover E: Rachel Hollon Cosplay
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/22/2021

Fresh off the chaotic conclusion to the riddle of Camelot, Barbarella finds herself out an ally but with no time to lick her wounds. A mysterious signal from space leads Barbarella to the water world of Encantado, where the remnants of a once-thriving situation lay hidden, as do much genetic shenanigans. And lest you think that’s all the Siren of Space must deal with, the armed forces of they deadly power behind the enslavement of Camelot is still hot on her trail—good luck outrunning lasers!

Dejah Thoris vs. John Carter of Mars #3

Writer: Dan Abnett | Artist: Alessandro Miracolo
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
Cover B: Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover C: Alessandro Miracolo
Cover D: Rachel Hollon Cosplay
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/29/2021

John and Dejah are captured! Despite this, Dejah is delighted that John cared enough for her to attempt a rescue…perhaps their love is not lost! But John, headstrong as ever, has handed their enemies exactly what they want…

The epic continues, from DAN ABNETT (Justice League Odyssey) and ALESSANDRO MIRACOLO (Red Sonja)!

DIE!namite Lives! #4

Writer: Fred Van Lente | Artist: Vincenzo Carratu
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
Cover B: Arthur Suydam
Cover C: Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover D: Dave Acosta
Cover E: Angel Ray Cosplay
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/22/2021

EVIL SONJA and her SUPER-ZOMBIES want to access America’s nuclear arsenal. All that stands in Sonja’s way are the ragtag team of Vampirella, Ash from Army Of Darkness, and Jennifer Blood. In this issue, many, many (MOST) things explode. By FRED VAN LENTE (Marvel Zombies) and VINCENZO CARRATU (Zorro)!

Bettie Page & The Curse of The Banshee #4

Writer: Stephen Mooney | Artist: Jethro Morales
Cover A: Marat Mychaels
Cover B: Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover C: Stephen Mooney
Cover D: Rachel Hollon Cosplay Photo
Cover E: Bettie Page Vintage Pin-Up
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/15/2021

The pin-up queen… of adventure is back! Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents: Bettie Page in “The Curse of the Banshee!”

The penultimate issue! Danger lurks at every corner as the Curse of the Banshee seems to consume our hero!

Written by Stephen Mooney, ably assisted by artist Jethro “Jet” Morales and a host of incredible covers artists, cosplay goddesses and the queen of the pin-up herself – Bettie Page!

Covers by: Marat Mychaels, Joseph Michael Linsner, Stephen Mooney, Rachel Hollon (Cosplay) and Bettie Page (Vintage Pin-Up Photo)

The Invincible Red Sonja #5

Writer: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti | Artist: Moritat
Cover A: Amanda Conner
Cover B: Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover C: Celina
Cover D: Frank Cho “Outrage”
Cover E: Dominica Cosplay
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/8/2021

It’s the penultimate installment to this first adventure! Sonja is on a blood-soaked adventure under the Invincible spell making her the wizard’s pawn to use how he wants as the city mourns the murder of their King and two armies get ready to even the score. Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Moritat continue their epic tale of love, betrayal and evil!

Sonjaversal #8

Writer: Christopher Hastings | Artist: Pasquale Qualano
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
Cover B: Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover C: Jae Lee & June Chung
Cover D: Junggeun Yoon
Cover E: Gracie Cosplay Lass
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/29/2021

In the far-flung sci-fi future, PURPLE SONJA and her mech act as scouts for a space pilgrimage of the remaining members of humanity fleeing Earth. This scouting is made difficult by the return of Purple Sonja’s greatest enemy Kaiju descending upon her. Her demise is all but assured, until she receives help from…HELL SONJA!? By CHRISTOPHER HASTINGS (Deadpool) and PASQUALE QUALANO (Dejah Thoris)!

Vampirella #24

Writer: Christopher Priest | Artist: Ergun Gunduz
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
Cover B: Marco Mastrazzo
Cover C: Shannon Maer
Cover D: Ergun Gunduz
Cover E: Lorraine Cosplay
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/22/2021

Twenty years ago he was an abandoned child hunted by religious zealots. Today, he is a man desperate to cheat fate and outrun his destiny. Vampirella protected the child, but can she save the man from the prophetic doom of The Dracula Virus? With time rapidly running out, our favorite Vampiri finds herself torn between love and obligation as she is given the opportunity to end the terrible legacy of Dracula… but at what cost?

Vengeance of Vampirella #22

Writer: Tom Sniegoski | Artist: Kewber Baal
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
Cover B: Ben Oliver
Cover C: Stephen Segovia
Cover D: Leon De La Chance Cosplay
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/29/2021

Issue #22! Writer Tom Sniegoski continues to weave a post-apocalyptic tale featuring a literal hell on earth as a reborn vampirella fights against the literal forces of chaos to save humanity from its ultimate destruction!

Vampirella and Jeannine wander the Chaoslands, exploring a world on the brink of transformation. In the tiny town of Surette they think they’ve found an example of peace and tranquility, but soon learn that looks can be deceiving. In order for there to be harmony in the town, all must feed the desires of Mandrasath—and it looks like Vampirella will be the perfect snack.

George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings #15

Writer: Landry Walker, George R.R. Martin | Artist: Mel Rubi
Cover A: Mike Miller
Cover B: Mel Rubi
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 9/29/2021

Barely alive, Tyrion struggles between consciousness and a drugged nightmare state, unaware that as he lay in his sickbed the power that he has grown used to commanding is slipping slowly away. Meanwhile, far to the North Theon faces the inevitable price for his violent betrayal of Robb Stark – though not quite in the way he might expect. The cast of A Clash of Kings see their hopes and dreams slowly wilt in yet another chapter of George R.R. Martin’s stunning epic – A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Boys #1, Gold Foil Edition

Price: $19.99
Rating: Mature
Art: Darick Robertson
Genre: Collectible
ON SALE DATE: 9/29/2021

Limited Edition Gold Foil version of The Boys #1. Need the perfect jumping-on point for The Boys after binging it on Prime? Here you go! Dynamite never actually had the honor of publishing issue #1 of The Boys (we started with #7), but now we’re doing it here as a special, limited edition. Don’t miss out on where it all began!


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