Huge Database Update

Take a look at the Upcoming Collected Editions page, sort by added date, and behold.

I’ve added a large number of missing Marvel Epics/Complete Collections, Treasury Editions, Mighty Marvel Masterworks, random missing books from most of the regular publishers (Boom, Dark Horse, couple DC, Image, etc) and I’ve also taken time to add upcoming books from Valiant, Aftershock, Titan, Humanoids, and Magnetic Press.

My goal is to keep expanding little by little and hopefully actually get official solicitations from most of those companies. If you see a company I haven’t added yet, drop me a line. I might already have it on the list but it never hurts to ask, I don’t know EVERYTHING!

Hopefully I’m able to stay on top of this a little better, but I’ve got 2 kids now so the best laid plans, etc. If you notice stuff missing, let me know! I’m always watching my emails. I WILL respond with thanks. It’s really just me and Dom here for the most part so any help is always appreciated!


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