Faster Release Date Updates

Well after many attempts to figure out how to get Marvel books from the PRH API, one of Dom’s buddies managed to figure out how to get Marvel books from it (the API is EXCELLENT). Long story short, I’ve coded up all kinds of cool things that will now help me do daily (or more) scans to see if there are release date updates for Marvel, DC, and IDW (as they are using PRH for the direct market and therefore have the proper release dates as opposed to book market release dates). This means I should now really come screaming in quick with these updates, which is especially nice as the number of changes coming from Marvel is absolutely ABSURD. As such, I am going to stop posting big lists here (you may have noticed I stopped) and you will just want to rely on those “Modified” dates on the big table of stuff on the Collected Editions page.

Along with that I now have some great tools for adding new books from those 3 publishers (so that should happen quicker) and I’ll have an announcement soon about a new feature I finished and have been running a pilot for with my Patreon users. It’s called the Watchlist. You are going to like it. It will also be something I’ll try and add more features to over time to collect more info but keep an eye peeled for my next video with Jess/Omnidog where I’ll announce the go live! 😀

As always if you have questions about anything, hit me up at the Contact page or join our Discord! 🙂


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