Watchlist is live!

If you didn’t notice already, there is now a Watchlist link at the top of the site for everyone to behold! This feature is for all my Patreon subscribers! Clicking this wonderful link will first lead you to an unlock page (you can log into your existing Patreon or sign up right there) and then you will automagically be taken to the new Watchlist page once your login is complete! You will also notice that when you click the “Expand” link on any book on the site that there is now a “Watchlist Add” or “Watchlist Remove” link depending on whether or not you’ve already added it! The purpose of this page basically is so you guys can keep track of the books you’ve ordered, want to order, whatever. A kind of tool I myself wish I’d had before because I’m tired of using a spreadsheet to do it.

Keep an eye out as I will also be working on a few enhancements in the near to distant future depending:

  • Watchlist Share URL
  • Mass Add to Watchlist
  • Refresh page on Watchlist after book removal
  • Total up $ amount of books on Watchlist page
  • Show just your stuff on the “This Week” page
  • Mark as pre-ordered
    • Add WHERE book was ordered
  • Top Watchlisted Books

If you have suggestions or need help getting into this, as always, hit me up on the contact page, Discord, or even Facebook!


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