Image June 2023 Solicitations

Image June 2023 Solicitations

The Image June 2023 solicitations are here! More Spawn slipcases, more Walking Dead Deluxe, a new Kirkman comic called Void Rivals, and much more!

Common abbreviations

  • TP/TPB: Trade Paperback
  • SC: Softcover (like a TPB)
  • HC: Hardcover
  • FC: Full Color
  • DM: Direct Market. This refers primarily to comic book stores or online shops that order via the same means as a comic book store (primarily Diamond or Lunar). Places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble will generally NOT have these variants.
  • FOC: Final Order Cutoff – The time an order has to be submitted by the vendor. Also when you need to get your order in by at TalesofWonder for preorders.
  • RES: Resolicit – A new listing for a product that was previously solicited in PREVIEWS or New to Order, and which is being listed anew since the original Solicitation was cancelled either by the vendor or by Diamond.
  • O/A: Offered Again – This designates an item that has been previously solicited and released, but is being solicited again.



Savage Dragon, Vol. 2 HC


MARCH 31 / 400 pages / FC/ — / $39.99
Savage Dragon’s formative years collected at last! This MASSIVE hardcover collects a host of the Savage Dragon’s most epic adventures! Featuring a slugfest with SuperPatriot! Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster! The Fiend! She-Dragon! Widow! Vanguard! Dragon possessed! And the final showdown with the villainous Overlord! SAVAGE DRAGON: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION VOL. 2 is a can’t-miss for any burgeoning Fin-Addict looking for an easy way to start this long-running series from the beginning. Also features an introduction by ERIK LARSEN.

Collects THE DRAGON #9-21 including relevant portions of WildC.A.T.S. #14 plus LOADS of extras!

Spawn: Origins Deluxe Edition, Vol. 6 HC

WRITER: Todd McFarlane, David Hine, Brian Holguin
ARTIST / COVER A: Philip Tan, Angel Medina, Nat Jones

MARCH 31 / 704 pages / FC/ — / $99.99
This deluxe oversized and slipcase hardcover edition presents twenty-five previously released sold-out issues of classic SPAWN stories in an all-new size and format. Additional material includes color and black-and-white cover galleries and never-before-seen art plus all the bonus material from the original collected editions. The absolute top tier of the SPAWN ORIGINS family of books! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Collects SPAWN #126-150

Trade Paperbacks

Gospel, Vol. 1 (TPB)

WRITER / ARTIST: Will Morris

JUNE 21 / 160 pages / FC/ — / $14.99
When opportunity refuses to knock for restless hero Matilde the devil comes knocking instead. Thrust into action by the hellish arrival Matilde and storyteller Pitt will quest for renown the soul of their community and answers to the toughest question of all: “Who am I?”

Inspired by the work of Hayao Miyazaki and set in the chaos of King Henry VIII’s reign GOSPEL is a thrilling fantasy adventure that explores the truth behind the stories we tell.

Collects GOSPEL #1-5

Inferno Girl Red, Vol. 1 (TPB)

WRITER: Mat Groom

MARCH 31 / 144 pages / FC/ — / $17.99
Apex City is a globally recognised hub of progress and beacon of hope-until it’s ripped out of our universe by an ancient cult and its army of demons. The only one who can save it is its newest resident teen Cassia Costa after a magical dragon bracelet rockets into her life. But the bracelet is powered by belief and a life of hardship has left Cassia with little of that to spare.

When all seems lost can Cassia rekindle her belief in a better tomorrow to embrace a secret legacy save her mother’s life and light the way as INFERNO GIRL RED?

From creators ERICA D’URSO (The Mighty Valkyries) and MAT GROOM (SELF/MADE Ultraman) the saga of the newest Image Comics superhero begins here!

INFERNO GIRL RED is a Massive-Verse series.


Invincible, Vol. 1 (TPB)

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Bill Crabtree, Cory Walker
COVER A: Dave McCaig, Cory Walker

JULY 05 / 208 pages / FC/ — / $16.99

These all-new softcover editions collect the entire INVINCIBLE comic book series from the very beginning with stunning new covers from CORY WALKER & DAVE McCAIG.

Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. Except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet-Omni-Man. When Mark develops powers of his own it’s a dream come true. But living up to his father’s legacy is only the beginning of Mark’s problems…

Collects INVINCIBLE #1-7

Invincible Universe, Vol. 1 (TPB)

WRITER: Robert Kirkman, Phil Hester, Benito Cereno
ARTIST: Nate Bellegarde, Todd Nauck
COVER A: Ryan Ottley

JUNE 07 / 640 pages / FC/ — / $39.99

By now everyone in the world knows Invincible. But what about the rest of the INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE’s heroes and villains?

Atom Eve! Rex Splode! Brit! Best Tiger!

This collection reveals the secret history of Invincible’s closest allies as well as the formation of a brand-new Guardians of the Globe team to fight the largest gathering of supervillains ever: The Order.


Junkyard Joe, Vol. 1 (TPB)

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST / COVER A: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson

MARCH 31 / 208 pages / FC/ — / $14.99
Throughout history unlikely and strange heroes have risen and fallen their identities and lives a secret. But for a Great Evil to be stopped their stories must be told. They are The Unnamed fighting The Unknown War.

From the explosive pages of GEIGER comes JUNKYARD JOE! The world knows him from the comic strip by recently retired cartoonist Muddy Davis but the truth stretches back to the Vietnam War. The tragedies of combat and visions of a strange robot soldier that saved Muddy’s life there still haunt him. But dreams become reality when Joe mysteriously shows up on Muddy’s doorstep warning of a new impending war.

Collects JUNKYARD JOE #1-6

Megaton Archives, Vol. 1 (TPB)

WRITER: Gary Carlson, Erik Larsen
ARTIST: Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Frank Fosco, Angel Medina

MARCH 31 / 456 pages / BW/ M / $29.99
The black-and-white anthology MEGATON was at the forefront of the independent comics revolution and from 1981 to 1987 publisher and writer GARY CARLSON helped rewrite comics history!

ERIK LARSEN’s SAVAGE DRAGON and ROB LIEFELD’s YOUNGBLOOD both debuted in MEGATON prompting LIEFELD to later dub CARLSON “the Grandfather of Image Comics”

and the series was notable for launching the careers of a veritable who’s who of artists.

Now celebrating MEGATON’s 40th anniversary the original eight issues are collected for the first time ever-in their entirety in chronological order and in glorious black and white scanned from the art and film negatives used to publish the original comics!

Collects MEGATON #1-8 plus early ads for the series unpublished art preliminary character designs commentary by CARLSON and more!

Voyagis, Vol. 1 (TPB)

WRITER / COVER A: Sumeyye Kesgin
ARTIST: Sumeyye Kesgin, Ellie Wright

JUNE 21 / 144 pages / FC/ M / $14.99
In her comics writing debut ELSEWHERE artist SUMEYYE KESGIN asks: What if one of the VOYAGER probes reached an uninhabitable planet laid to waste by a wandering black hole?

With her people’s resources dwindling under the thumb of a relentless tyrant Sen a resident of the ailing planet Modia will find adventure friendship-and possibly salvation-in an unexpected relic from an alien planet called Earth.

Collects VOYAGIS #1-5

Copra, Vol. 7 (TPB)


MARCH 31 / 304 pages / FC/ — / $24.99
MICHEL FIFFE’s biggest book yet covers a lot of ground: COPRA’s earliest adventure a deep look at their rogues’ gallery and their latest mega arc that paves the way for the big finale! From brand-new issues and long-out-of-print rarities to previously unseen comics and tons of extras by an army of guest cartoonists COPRA ROUND SEVEN has it all!

Collects COPRA #25 COPRA #42-45 and COPRA VERSUS #1-5

I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 5 (TPB)

WRITER / COVER A: Skottie Young
ARTIST: Brett Bean

JUNE 21 / 128 pages / FC/ — / $16.99
Eisner Award-winning writer SKOTTIE YOUNG (MIDDLEWEST TWIG THE ME YOU LOVE IN THE DARK) and artist BRETT BEAN (Marvel’s Rocket and Groot) bring back the hit comic I HATE FAIRYLAND! Everyone’s favorite green-haired axe-wielding crazed maniac returns in this Deadpool-meets-Alice-in-Wonderland-style adventure! Gert is all grown up and living in the real world. Times are tough and the only job she’s qualified for has her trying to find her way back to the place she hates the most…Fairyland.

Collects I HATE FAIRYLAND (2022) #1-5

Killadelphia, Vol. 5 (TPB)

WRITER: Rodney Barnes
ARTIST: German Erramouspe, Jason Shawn Alexander, Lee Loughridge
COVER A: Jason Shawn Alexander

MARCH 31 / 160 pages / FC/ — / $16.99
Heroes will die villains will rise and the city of Philadelphia will prove to be a pivotal battleground in the war between the forces of Heaven and Hell. This shocking story arc is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers setting up a bold new direction for the sold-out Eisner Award-nominated horror series!

Vampire king and first president of the United States George Washington has unified the warring vampire factions blurring the line between good and evil. Now Washington and company must face one of the most formidable military leaders in history! General Toussaint Louverture and his Haitian army have been resurrected by the side of the light to do one thing and one thing only: exterminate all vampires!

From RODNEY BARNES the writer behind such hit shows as Marvel’s Runaways and STARZ’s American Gods and JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER the artist who redefined SPAWN.

Collects KILLADELPHIA #25-30

Spawn: Origins, Vol. 25 (TPB)

WRITER: Todd McFarlane, David Hine, Brian Holguin
ARTIST: Philip Tan, Angel Medina
COVER A: Greg Capullo

MARCH 31 / 160 pages / FC/ — / $16.99
With Spawn revitalized it’s time to take his pound of flesh from those who imprisoned and tortured him. Spawn’s most vile villains wage a battle royale of classic proportions in the bowels of Hell itself!

Collects SPAWN #147-153

Single Issues

Savage Dragon #267


JUNE 28 / 104 pages / FC/ M / $9.99
Savage Dragon’s adopted daughter Angel gets married to Frank Darling Jr. at long last! Paul Dragon gives away the bride! Malcolm Dragon is the best man! Maxine is the maid of honor! But no superhero wedding is complete without a looming menace hellbent on making the happy occasion a living nightmare!

In Hell We Fight #1

WRITER: John Layman
COVER B: Christian Ward

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

Life in hell ain’t easy. Demons try to torture you for all eternity. Monsters want to eat you. There’s a stunning lack of reliable indoor plumbing. And it’s almost impossible to get ice cream. At least until today when three condemned teens and their annoying tagalong demon frenemy embark on a daring scheme to hijack a demon lord’s delivery truck. What happens next will take them on an epic journey across the underworld an infernal excursion of nonstop excitement danger and adventure.

Presenting a devilishly fun new series from multiple Eisner-winning writer/letterer JOHN LAYMAN (CHEW Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum) and Argentinian superstar artist JOK.

Void Rivals #1

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Matheus Lopes, Lorenzo De Felici
COVER A: Lorenzo De Felici

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

The blockbuster OBLIVION SONG team of ROBERT KIRKMAN & LORENZO DE FELICI debut the biggest new comic book series of 2023 with the launch of AN ALL-NEW SHARED UNIVERSE and a SURPRISE you won’t see coming!

War rages around the Sacred Ring where the last remnants of two worlds have collapsed around a black hole in a never-ending war.

However when pilot Darak and his rival Solila both crash on a desolate planet these two enemies must find a way to escape together. But are they alone on this strange planet? And what dark forces await that threaten the entire universe?

Battle Chasers #10

WRITER / COVER B: Joe Madureira
COVER C / COVER D: J. Scott Campbell
COVER E: Chris Bachalo
COVER F: Skottie Young
COVER G: Mirka Andolfo

JUNE 14 / 40 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

JOE MADUREIRA’s beloved fantasy series returns in an action-packed new story with art by game and comics sensation LUDO LULLABI! “Martial Law”

tells the bloody tale of retired swordsman Garrison and the fugitive Red Monika as they face off against Maestro’s gang of supernatural killers-the Martial Paladins! This long-awaited tenth issue is bursting at the seams with 36 pages of story and no ads!

Bone Orchard: Tenement #1

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart
COVER A / COVER E / COVER F: Andrea Sorrentino
COVER B / COVER C: Christian Ward
COVER D: Sketch Cvr
COVER G: Tradd Moore

JUNE 21 / 40 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

From the Eisner-winning creative team behind GIDEON FALLS PRIMORDIAL and TEN THOUSAND BLACK FEATHERS comes the biggest and most essential project yet in the bold and ambitious new shared horror universe of THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS!!!

In this extra-length first issue JEFF LEMIRE & ANDREA SORRENTINO bring you the story of seven residents in a building and the dark secrets that bind them together…beginning with a death that feels much more sinister than natural.

TENEMENT is the newest entry into THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS from LEMIRE & SORRENTINO. This universe features self-contained graphic novels and limited series about the horrors waiting to be discovered within the Bone Orchard.

Haunt You to The End #1

WRITER: Ryan Cady
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrea Mutti
COVER B: Maika Sozo

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

In a not-so-far future rife with climate disasters and worldwide instability an eccentric billionaire and his crew-a disgraced journalist a radical doctor a TV demonologist and a squad of hard-bitten military contractors-set out to prove the existence of life after death. But even if their mission is a success the truth behind the “most haunted place on earth”

may not be the comforting revelation the world is hoping for.

Klik Klik Boom #1

WRITER: Doug Wagner
ARTIST: Matt Wilson
COVER A: Doug Dabbs, Matt Wilson

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

Meet Sprout a mute assassin who communicates exclusively through polaroid pictures.

Being raised by her doomsday-prepping grandfather in the rolling hills of Idaho Sprout has never been around other people watched TV or seen clothes outside of Army fatigues. Now she’s headed to the big lights of New York City to avenge her grandfather’s murder but will the city’s mesmerizing glitz and glam help her succeed-or be the death of her?

Tales of Syzpense #1

WRITER: T.P. Louise, Ashley Wood, Chris Ryall

JUNE 21 / 40 pages / FC/ — / $4.99

The split book revival is underway at Syzygy! Every month TALES OF SYZPENSE presents two titanic 12-page tales of terror and turmoil! Up first courtesy of Lore co-creators T.P. LOUISE & ASHLEY WOOD the lead-off mystery of “Les Mort 13”

plays out on the surreal and mysterious island of Southport after a run-in with Eris the goddess of strife…

And then proof that “power is wasted on the young”

! CHRIS RYALL & NELSON DANIEL present “Dreamweaver”

the story of an aging adventurer with a mystical secret who looks to pass on his abilities to the next generation of hero…until they have much greater success than he did and he decides he wants those abilities back at any cost.

Each issue features two “Les Mort 13”

covers by WOOD a “Dreamweaver”

cover by DANIEL and a Syzpenseful tribute cover to famous split books of the past.

The Dead Lucky #7

WRITER: Melissa Flores
ARTIST / COVER A: French Carlomagno

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99

As new forces rise up to fill the power vacuum left after the Battle of San Francisco newly minted corporate superhero Bibi takes the first steps to eradicate Morrow once and for all-but she’s not ready for a new enemy that threatens to redefine everything she thinks she believes.

THE DEAD LUCKY is a Massive-Verse series.

I Hate Fairyland #6

WRITER: Skottie Young
COVER C: Peach Momoko
COVER D: Eric Powell
COVER E: Jim Mahfood

JUNE 21 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

AND WE’RE BACK! In Fairyland that is. Oh fluff how are we stuck here AGAIN?! A new king calls upon a familiar face to help Gert with a big problem…which is uh Gert.

Eisner Award-winning writer SKOTTIE YOUNG (MIDDLEWEST TWIG THE ME YOU LOVE IN THE DARK) and artist BRETT BEAN (Marvel’s Rocket and Groot) return to I HATE FAIRYLAND for the beginning of a brand-new story arc!

Nocterra Nemesis Special (ONE-SHOT)

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST / COVER B: Liam Sharp
COVER A: Marcelo Maiolo, Tony S. Daniel
COVER C: Emanuela Lupacchino

JUNE 28 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
As Sundog Convoy fights to prevent the end of everything a Ferryman is shown the beautiful terrifying origin of light and darkness across all of space and time. This special one-shot will lead directly into the stunning conclusion of the “No Brakes” storyline!

Rogue Sun #13

WRITER: Ryan Parrott
COVER A: Luana Vecchio
COVER B: Federico Sabbatini

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

In the wake of an unthinkable tragedy Dylan struggles to adjust to his new life. But when a new threat arrives he’ll have to take back control-and fast -or risk losing everything important to him forever.

ROGUE SUN is a Massive-Verse series.

Almighty #5

WRITER / ARTIST: Edward Laroche
COVER A: Brad Simpson, Edward Laroche

JUNE 07 / 40 pages / FC/ / $4.99

Past DELPHION GATE and beyond the walls of ZONE ONE there is a girl experiencing terror beyond comprehension and a killer who’s fighting to bring her home.

The pulse-pounding first volume of the ALMIGHTY saga concludes here!

The Ambassadors #6

WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Matteo Scalera

JUNE 07 / 48 pages / FC/ / $5.99

The Ambassador for Mexico completes the team as they face their first major conflict together and find out the truth behind Choon-He Chung’s husband’s superhuman upgrade programme and the rich guys around the world who have paid him a fortune for it.

Arcade Kings #2

COVER B: Superlog
COVER C: Jordan Gibson

JUNE 21 / 48 pages / FC/ — / $7.99
Joe’s search for his missing brother brings him to the ghost town of Rockview. Too bad it’s the home turf of Plum Khurana who has a bone to pick with Joe’s entire family!

Black Cloak #6

WRITER: Kelly Thompson
ARTIST / COVER A: Meredith McClaren
COVER B: Tula Lotay

JUNE 07 / 40 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Anyone want to storm the castle? What about if instead of an army we just have an elf a fairy two Dracona an ambitious young Taka a wizard and a couple motivated revolutionaries? Still wanna do it? GOOD. Then come with us…

Blood Tree #5

WRITER: Peter J. Tomasi
ARTIST: Maxim Simic
COVER A: Christian Alamy, Brad Anderson

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Detectives Azzaro and Diaz find themselves drowning in blood as the Angel Killer’s plan expands and winged victims rain down all across New York City!

Dark Ride #7

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrei Bressan, Adriano Lucas
COVER B: Anwita Citriya
COVER C: Paulina Ganucheau
COVER D: Tony Fleecs

JUNE 14 / 24 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Sam uncovers more of his family’s dark history which extends all the way into the beating heart of the park itself.

Dead Romans #4

WRITER: Fred Kennedy
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B / COVER D / COVER E: Nick Marinkovich
COVER C: Brian Level

JUNE 21 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Roman forces are withering from another vicious attack confronting Honoria with the true extent of German brutality. In all this bloodshed Arminius begins to wonder if his future kingdom will be worth the sacrifice without Honoria by his side.

Deep Cuts #3

WRITER: Joe Clark, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Diego Greco
COVER A: Chris Brunner

JUNE 28 / 56 pages / FC/ / $5.99
Listen up gumshoes. It’s 1940 and Alice Leslie is home for the holidays and hot on the heels of her biggest mystery yet: why did her dad quit music? Can she crack the case before he flies the coop?

Giant Kokju #3

WRITER: Gerry Duggan
ARTIST / COVER A: Scott Koblish

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99

“I thought I was done hiding my comics under my bed looks like I was wrong.”


The writer and artist that literally created Deadpool reunite to tell the hella screwed up story of a giant monster…with very physical needs. Frank’s hands are firmly on the problem while he pilots the mech into its greatest battle against the horny Kokj monster. With his family watching the fight things get unexpectedly physical. The best way to safely describe our wrap is that it goes from the naked sauna fight from EASTERN PROMISES into kind of like…HANDS ON A HARD BODY.

Gunslinger Spawn #21

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
COVER A: Chris Stevens

JUNE 14 / 24 pages / FC/ T+ / $2.99
The sickness is still spreading through Gunslinger’s body. The angelic power is starting to corrupt him and his old friend Waya is the only hope he has.

Hell To Pay #5

WRITER: Charles Soule
ARTIST / COVER B: Will Sliney
COVER A: Dave Johnson

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
The only thing that stands between the death of Sebastian Stone and the Poor Man’s plan to hire the Devil himself using his thousands of cursed hellcoins is Sebastian’s better half Maia Stone. But Maia will need power beyond anything she’s ever wielded to win this fight. One Faustian bargain…coming right up.

Hell To Pay #6

WRITER: Charles Soule
ARTIST / COVER B: Will Sliney
COVER A: Dave Johnson

JUNE 28 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99

The bill has come due at last. The Devil has arrived ready to collect what he is owed. The first chapter of the Shrouded College cycle comes to a close with an epic battle that sees Maia and Sebastian facing down all of Hell. There is no way out not with this much on the line.

Hey Kids Comics: Schlock of The New #3

WRITER / ARTIST: Howard Chaykin
COVER A: Don Cameron

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
Threatened by ginned-up moral outrage the money-minting luster of a decade ago long gone four-color micro-moguls shoot themselves in the foot to hold on to what’s left.

Meanwhile fandom takes hold hard in a generation of young enthusiasts-but with so much of what they love gone with the wind what’s left for them?

I Hate This Place #9

WRITER: Kyle Starks
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Artyom Topilin, Lee Loughridge

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
Questions will be answered as Gabby and Trudy face terrors from their past present and future in the penultimate issue of I HATE THIS PLACE!

Immortal Sergeant #6

WRITER: Joe Kelly
ARTIST / COVER A: Ken Niimura

JUNE 14 / 40 pages / BW/ / $3.99
Michael continues to be a fly in Sarge’s proverbial ointment when he manages to derail his father’s investigation. Punches are thrown words are said that cannot be unsaid the bigger stick is found. Will it be Michael’s best birthday ever-or his last?

Indigo Children #4

WRITER: Rockwell White, Curt Pires
ARTIST / COVER A: Alex Diotto, Dee Cunniffe

JUNE 28 / 40 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Kabul. The Indigo Children search for Ahmed in a city on the brink of collapse. Rand and his agents converge. Indigo Five goes hunting.

Junk Rabbit #3

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Jimmie Robinson
COVER C: Skottie Young

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Another failed attempt to catch the Junk Rabbit forces the ruler of Dome City to employ black market military hardware. The abuse of power alarms the city detective who digs into the Ruler’s past and finds a horrific connection to the Junk Rabbit.

Kaya #9

COVER B: Matteo Scalera

JUNE 21 / 24 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Kaya’s magic arm is GONE and she is separated from her allies in the vast Poison Lands. Jin nearly drowned enters a strange delirious nightmare he may not be able to return from.

Features a variant cover by cosmic art god MATTEO SCALERA!

King Spawn #23

WRITER: Sean Lewis
ARTIST: Javi Fernandez
COVER A: Chris Stevens
COVER B / COVER C: Francesco Tomaselli

JUNE 21 / 24 pages / FC/ T+ / $2.99
Spawn has returned to his old hunting grounds but he is no longer the hunter-he is the hunted. A new threat from heaven has come bearing a familiar face!

The Last Barbarians #5

ARTIST: Brian Haberlin, Geirrod van Dyke

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99


With all the cards now on the table it’s either life or horrible nasty death…I mean really NASTY…I’ll tell you when NOT to look…really. With an ancient doomsday artifact in motion the world of Nith is officially screwed! That is unless Sylv and Shadow-the Last Barbarians-can win the day. The only problem is they don’t usually do that…

Local Man #5

WRITER / COVER A: Tim Seeley, Tony Fleecs
ARTIST: Tim Seeley, Tony Fleecs, Brad Simpson, Felipe Sobreiro
COVER B: Joe Benitez, Brian Reber

JUNE 28 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Half dead and all out of F#%C2%A2K$ LOCAL MAN is left brutally beaten by a man he once considered a father. Now trapped in the 4th Gen Training Facility he’s stalked by the true killer of the Hodag and THIRD GEN isn’t coming to help him when he needs them most!

ON THE FLIP SIDE: Meet FOURTH GEN the grungiest group of GEN X superhero slackers in the world with dark ties to Image’s lost heroes: THE WILDC.A.T.S! WHAT?!?

Love Everlasting #8

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST / COVER A: Elsa Charretier
COVER B: Wes Craig

JUNE 07 / 24 pages / FC/ — / $3.99

Part Three
Nothing is as it seems. Joan is now trapped in the happiest of realities: she has children a husband friends a life. And she has no idea if any of it is real. Take a mind-bending journey into the heart of the American Dream as Joan continues to explore the myths and terrors of being in love.

Magic Order 4 #6

WRITER: Mark Millar
COVER C: Javier Fernandez

JUNE 14 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $5.99

The conclusion to the last big arc before THE MAGIC ORDER Netflix show appears on screens! This ties together four volumes of stories and brings a shocking end to the wizard wars that have been raging in the shadows.

Monarch #5

WRITER: Rodney Barnes
COVER B: Chris Visions

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99

Part Five
The truth revealed! Travon’s true nature comes out when an unexpected betrayal by a close friend leaves Daysha’s life hanging in the balance! Now Travon has to find a way to save the love of his life-if he still can-while battling relentless creatures from beyond the stars that are intent on destroying mankind!

From RODNEY BARNES the star comics writer behind the Eisner-nominated series KILLADELPHIA and the writer/executive producer of HBO’s Winning Time and up-and-coming Marvel artist ALEX LINS comes a tale of love triumph disaster and defeat!

No/One #4

WRITER: Brian Buccellato, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST / COVER A: Geraldo Borges
COVER B: Rod Reis
COVER C: Mark Englert

JUNE 21 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Julia’s quest for the truth gets personal as Ben gets closer to identifying the copycat killer-and maybe finally answering the question of NO/ONE’s identity.

PLUS! The story continues in “Who is No/One”

a monthly companion podcast starring RACHAEL LEIGH COOK (She’s All That) and PATTON OSWALT (Netflix’s The Sandman Minor Threats Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.)!

NO/ONE is a Massive-Verse series.

Old Dog #5

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Declan Shalvey
COVER B: Paul Azaceta
COVER C: Joe Palmer

JUNE 14 / 24 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
The exciting action series by DECLAN SHALVEY continues with a brand-new mission!

Some kind of freak accident has set a gruesome creature loose in the halls of Black Circle. Is this an attack? Can Retriever stop this creature before Black Circle is eaten from the inside? Where the hell is Jack Lynch?!

Phantom Road #4

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Gabriel Hernandez walta, Jordie Bellaire
COVER A: Gabriel Hernandez walta
COVER B: James Harren

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Dom and Birdie attempt to deliver their mysterious cargo while discovering how powerful it truly is. Meanwhile Agent Weaver finds herself on the other side of the interrogation desk answering questions she didn’t know that she should be asking herself.

Saga #66

WRITER: Brian K. Vaughan
ARTIST / COVER A: Fiona Staples

JUNE 28 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Savage Strength of Starstorm #2

WRITER / COVER A: Drew Craig
ARTIST: Drew Craig, Jason Finestone
COVER B: Wes Craig, Jason Wordie

JUNE 28 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
After a meteor destroys Grant Garrison’s new school he attends the funeral of his deceased classmates. Among the attendees are fellow survivors and a group of punk rockers known as Nikki and the Outcasts. When the dead start rising from their graves it’s up to Starstorm and the Outcasts to save the day and figure out what the hell is going on.

The Scorched #19

WRITER: Sean Lewis
COVER A: Chris Stevens
COVER B / COVER C: Kevin Keane

JUNE 28 / 24 pages / FC/ / $2.99
Jessica is rebuilding the Scorched team from the ground up. New members and new missions-what could possibly go wrong?

Something Epic #2


JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
Danny dips further into the imaginary world. He believes he’s unable to interact with its inhabitants but he finds solace in the absurdity of creativity despite the solitude his power brings.

Spawn #343

WRITER: Rory McConville
ARTIST: Carlo Barberi
COVER A: Chris Stevens

JULY 05 / 24 pages / FC/ T / $2.99
Spawn is forced to retreat something he is not used to doing. But by going to ground he may have just discovered a weakness in Downing and Nyx’s plans!

Starsigns #2

WRITER: Saladin Ahmed
ARTIST / COVER A: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Megan Levens

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
Just as she begins to explore her new powers Rana finds herself hunted by the vicious and mystically compelling Tatiana who calls herself Leo. Rana’s sole hope for escape? A mysterious new ally…

Superhuman astrological drama from Eisner winner SALADIN AHMED and sci-fi fave MEGAN LEVENS!

Stoneheart #4


JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Shayde Whisper was duped by Eve Eldon and the Black Orchid gang and is magically bonded to them. The voice in her head reveals her newfound destiny. She was chosen to save Athea with red magic and intense strength…but how can she wield what she can’t control?

Summoners War: Awakening #3

WRITER: Justin Jordan
ARTIST / COVER A: Igor Monti, Luca Claretti

JUNE 28 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
Rai Tomas and Tatakana join Captain Eve’s crew and set off to aid a war-ravaged village. But Eve’s keeping a secret that will lead to salvation-or disaster.

Terrorwar #3

WRITER: Saladin Ahmed
ARTIST / COVER A: Dave Acosta

JUNE 21 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
In the aftermath of a devastating Terror attack Muhammad and company are detained by Blue City’s security forces. But when his low-rent crew is brought before a powerful politician it’s clear things aren’t what they seem.

Eisner winner SALADIN AHMED and horror star DAVE ACOSTA up the sci-fi stakes!

Time Before Time #24

WRITER: Rory McConville, Declan Shalvey
ARTIST: Jorge Coehlo, Chris O’Halloran
COVER A: Declan Shalvey
COVER B: Will Morris

JUNE 21 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
After her family perishes in a tragic accident Verna Grace sets out to change the past-and she’s not going to let anyone not even The Syndicate get in her way.

A special TIME BEFORE TIME one-shot drawn by acclaimed guest artist WILL MORRIS (GOSPEL).

Torrent #5

WRITER: Marc Guggenheim
ARTIST / COVER A: Rico Renzi, Justin Greenwood
COVER C: Rico Renzi, Rick Leonardi

JULY 05 / 24 pages / FC/ / $3.99

Michelle Metcalf has lost everything including her powers. But a hero who has lost it all is a hero with nothing left to lose.

This climactic ending to TORRENT’s critically acclaimed first arc ends in a way you won’t expect and will be talking about for months to come!

Vanish #8

WRITER: Donny Cates
COVER B / COVER E / COVER G: Daniel Warren Johnson
COVER C / COVER H: Riley Rossmo
COVER F: Sanford Greene

JUNE 28 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

The past present and future collide and Oliver Harrison’s life will forever be changed! Will the decades-long battle over the ashes of Everkeep end here or have we only seen the beginning of an inferno? The cataclysmic extra-length conclusion to our first VANISH storyline is here!

The Walking Dead Deluxe #64

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER C: Stephanie Hans

JUNE 07 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Dale’s abductors are revealed and learn a horrifying truth.

This deluxe presentation in STUNNING FULL COLOR also features another installment of Cutting Room Floor and creator commentary.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #65

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER B: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER A: Dave McCaig, David Finch
COVER C: Stephanie Hans

JUNE 21 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Rick leads a small group to get revenge on the Hunters.

W0rldtr33 #3

WRITER: James Tynion IV
ARTIST: Fernando Blanco, Jordie Bellaire
COVER A: Fernando Blanco
COVER B: Marcos Martín
COVER C: Aaron Campbell
COVER E: Martin Simmonds

JUNE 14 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
W0RLDTR33 holds the key to understanding why Ellison Lane’s kid brother carried out such an unimaginable atrocity…but it may already be too late to stop the Undernet from destroying someone else Ellison loves.

The next horror must-read from multiple Eisner Award-winning writer JAMES TYNION IV (THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH) and FERNANDO BLANCO (Detective Comics) continues!