Image Comics November 2023 Solicitations

Image Comics November 2023 Solicitations

Common abbreviations

  • TP/TPB: Trade Paperback
  • SC: Softcover (like a TPB)
  • HC: Hardcover
  • FC: Full Color
  • DM: Direct Market. This refers primarily to comic book stores or online shops that order via the same means as a comic book store (primarily Diamond or Lunar). Places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble will generally NOT have these variants.
  • FOC: Final Order Cutoff – The time an order has to be submitted by the vendor. Also when you need to get your order in by at TalesofWonder for preorders.
  • RES: Resolicit – A new listing for a product that was previously solicited in PREVIEWS or New to Order, and which is being listed anew since the original Solicitation was cancelled either by the vendor or by Diamond.
  • O/A: Offered Again – This designates an item that has been previously solicited and released, but is being solicited again.



Bad Karma HC OGN

WRITER: Alex de Campi
ARTIST: Dee Cunniffe
COVER A: Tony Stella

NOVEMBER 01 / 304 pages / FC/ — / $29.99


After finding out Aaron Carter, an innocent man, is on Death Row for a mercenary job they did 10 years ago, down-on-their-luck army veterans Sully and Ethan go on a Christmas road trip to free him. Turns out nobody’s interested in Aaron’s innocence, but someone is very interested in making sure Sully and Ethan don’t live to see the New Year. They just didn’t figure on one thing: Ethan’s ex-wife Cheryl. Collects the hit Panel Syndicate action/comedy series by writer ALEX DE CAMPI (DRACULA, MOTHERF**KER!, NO MERCY, TWISTED ROMANCE) and artists RYAN HOWE (True War Stories, Daisy Blackwood: Pilot for Hire) and DEE CUNNIFFE (INDIGO CHILDREN, EMISSARY, Joe Fixit).

Black Science 10th Anniversary Deluxe HC, Vol. 2

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Moreno Dinisio, Matteo Scalera, Dean White
COVER A: Matteo Scalera

NOVEMBER 22 / 400 pages / FC/ M / $49.99


Following the catastrophic final jump of the Pillar, Grant McKay is stranded in the furthest reaches of space, adrift on the wreckage of his former self. Before he can reclaim his mantle as protector of the Eververse, he must first overcome the demons that lurk within his own soul. And when his path finally leads him back home, what has happened while they were gone? In a world of infinite possibilities, what can one man do to keep everything that could ever possibly go wrong from doing so?Celebrating 10 years of the critically acclaimed sci-fi series by powerhouse creative duo RICK REMENDER and MATTEO SCALERA, this anniversary edition is crammed with sketches, concept art, and other rare goodies in a glorious oversized 8″ x 12″ hardcover, and features an all-new cover by MATTEO SCALERA!

Collects BLACK SCIENCE #17-30

Black Science 10th Anniversary Deluxe HC, Vol. 3

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Moreno Dinisio, Matteo Scalera, Dean White
COVER A: Matteo Scalera

NOVEMBER 22 / 424 pages / FC/ M / $49.99


The Anarchist League of Scientists charges forward for one final adventure as RICK REMENDER and MATTEO SCALERA bring their seminal pulp science fiction epic to a mind-shattering finale!The Eververse is collapsing under its own weight. Grant McKay created the Pillar to save the world with science, and now he must use it to save all worlds, all of creation, or doom reality itself to oblivion.Celebrating 10 years of the critically acclaimed sci-fi series by powerhouse creative duo RICK REMENDER and MATTEO SCALERA, this anniversary edition is crammed with sketches, concept art, and other rare goodies in a glorious oversized 8″ x 12″ hardcover, and features an all-new cover by MATTEO SCALERA!

Collects BLACK SCIENCE #31-43

Dead Romans HC

WRITER: Fred Kennedy
ARTIST / COVER A: Nick Marinkovich

NOVEMBER 15 / 168 pages / FC/ / $29.99

Arminius, a Germanic prince raised in Rome, has sworn vengeance against the Empire that butchers his people. He wants to make a queen of the woman he loves, Honoria, a fellow slave. Now fifty thousand Romans will die to give her a throne she never asked for…or wanted. Lush, beautiful illustrations bring to life a brutal tale of love and war from the birth of the Roman Empire.

Collects DEAD ROMANS #1-6


WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Zach Stafford

NOVEMBER 01 / 240 pages / FC/ — / $14.99

For fans of Strange Planet MR. LOVENSTEIN PRESENTS: FAILURE and the Sarah’s Scribbles collections!

Master of the hilarious unpredictable and just plain weird ZACH M. STAFFORD’s GOOD COMICS FOR BAD PEOPLE marks his graphic novel debut and features all the laughter absurdity and bodily fluids that have made his worldwide mega-hit webcomic so (in)famous!

Includes all your favorite Extra Fabulous Comics plus book-exclusive comics that can’t be found online and an introduction by SARAH ANDERSON the mastermind behind Sarah’s Scribbles.

Ice Cream Man Sundae Edition HC, Vol. 2

WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ARTIST / COVER A: Chris O’Halloran, Martín Morazzo

NOVEMBER 15 / 456 pages / FC/ M / $44.99

The most critically acclaimed comic of the last five years introduces its second helping of deluxed-ness: THE SUNDAE EDITION, VOL. 2! Collecting another 12 issues (plus some more) of the bestselling anthology comic ICE CREAM MAN, this oversized hardcover features standalone stories that manage to push the boundaries of the comics medium while also telling emotionally compelling yarns. From a comic that’s a perfect palindrome (it can be read first-to-last panel, or last-to-first), to an experiment with crossword puzzles, to an instruction manual for how to be a ghost, to a live telethon for a VERY sick Jerry—there’s still something here for readers of every stripe. The Ice Cream Man is back in town…care for a treat?


Invincible Compendium HC, Vol. 3

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley
COVER A: Dave McCaig, Ryan Ottley

NOVEMBER 08 / 1112 pages / FC/ M / $99.99


The year-long celebration of INVINCIBLE’s 20th anniversary continues with a direct market-exclusive collecting the final 48 issues of the greatest superhero comic in the universe into one massive hardcover edition!Invincible’s journey is more harrowing than ever as he gets betrayed by his allies, goes toe-to-toe with his greatest enemies, and welcomes a new member to his family.He’ll have to be stronger than ever before if he’s going to save the universe…but not everyone will survive. Every single story has been leading up to the stunning conclusion of INVINCIBLE, and when it’s over…Mark Grayson’s story is over.

Collects INVINCIBLE #97-144

Manifest Destiny Deluxe HC, Vol. 1

WRITER: Chris Dingess
ARTIST: Tony Akins, Matthew Roberts, Owen Gieni, Stefano Gaudiano
COVER A: Matthew Roberts

NOVEMBER 08 / 544 pages / FC/ M / $59.99


“This is the kind of trailblazing you won’t want to miss.” —NewsaramaCelebrate the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking series!In 1804, Captain Meriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark set out on an expedition to explore the unchartered American frontier. This is the untold story of what they discovered lurking in the wilds.This deluxe hardcover collects the first 24 issues, along with covers and a sketchbook, for the definitive presentation of the entire MANIFEST DESTINY series by writer CHRIS DINGESS (Marvel’s Agent Carter, Doom Patrol), artist MATTHEW ROBERTS (BATTLE POPE), and colorist OWEN GIENI (RAT QUEENS).


Pretty Deadly HC The Shrike Vault Edition

WRITER: Mirka Andolfo
ARTIST / COVER A: Laura Braga

NOVEMBER 29 / 144 pages / BW/ M / $125
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of PRETTY DEADLY, Emma Ríos has opened her personal vault and is sharing the first five issues of PRETTY DEADLY in their original, detailed artboard scale.

Collects PRETTY DEADLY #1-5

Spawn Cover Gallery HC, Vol. 1

ARTIST: Tony S. Daniel, Ashley Wood, Matt Banning, Mike Mignola, Marc Silvestri, Brent Ashe, Frank Miller, Alex Ross, Kevin Conrad, Chance Wolf, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
COVER A: Todd McFarlane

NOVEMBER 01 / pages / FC/ T / $19.99
Bring the artistic legacy of TODD McFARLANE’s record-breaking independent comic home with this hardcover collection of the classic cover artwork for the FIRST 100 ISSUES of SPAWN! All the action! All the detail! All the capes! And spikes! And demons! And guns! Part celebration, part inspiration, this is a gallery AND an artbook—a must-have for any SPAWN fan!

Collects covers for SPAWN #1-100

The Complete Invincible Library HC New Printing, Vol. 1

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Cliff Rathburn, Bill Crabtree, Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley
COVER A: Bill Crabtree, Ryan Ottley

NOVEMBER 15 / pages / FC/ M / $125
NOW A HIT ANIMATED SERIES ON PRIME VIDEO!Collects the INVINCIBLE: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, VOL. 1-2 into one massive slipcased tome. That’s over 700 pages of pure INVINCIBLE goodness! This is a can’t-miss for any INVINCIBLE fan, and a perfect addition to any sturdy, reinforced bookshelf. Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. Except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet—Omni-Man. When Mark develops powers of his own, it’s a dream come true. But living up to his father’s legacy is only the beginning of Mark’s problems…


Trade Paperbacks

Antioch TP, Vol. 1

WRITER: Patrick Kindlon
ARTIST / COVER A: Marco Ferrari

NOVEMBER 29 / 112 pages / FC/ / $16.99
A king from a lost kingdom has a message for the modern world: duck! After years of waging war on a polluting oil corp, Antioch decides it’s time to prove a point. He turns himself in, prepared to expose the company in court. But prison is dangerous, and Antioch may not live to speak the truth. Guest-starring Frontiersman!

Collects ANTIOCH #1-4

Arcade Kings TP, Vol. 1

WRITER / COVER A: Dylan Burnett
ARTIST: Dylan Burnett, Sara Antonellini, Walter Baiamonte

NOVEMBER 15 / 208 pages / FC/ / $19.99
Writer/artist DYLAN BURNETT (Thanos by Donny Cates, Cosmic Ghost Rider) unveils a new prestige comics series sensation, perfect for fans of INVINCIBLE and MURDER FALCON.Joe, a mysterious new face in Infinity City, has suddenly become the hottest undefeated player at the Round House Arcade.But when his most formidable challenge yet rolls into town, Joe’s forced to combo his powers with a joystick, his fists…and his family’s secret fighting legacy!

Collects ARCADE KINGS #1-5

I Kill Giants 15Th Anniversary Edition TP

WRITER: Joe Kelly
ARTIST / COVER A: Ken Niimura

NOVEMBER 15 / 300 pages / BW/ T+ / $19.99
An Eisner Nominated, International Manga Award-winning fan-favorite! Barbara Thorson is your new hero. A quick-witted, sharp-tongued fifth grader who isn’t afraid of anything – not the principal, not bullies, NO ONE. Why would she be..? After all, she’s the only girl in school who carries an ancient Norse warhammer in her purse and kills giants for a living…At least, that’s what she’ll tell you…but where does the fantasy end and reality begin in the heart of this troubled girl? And what if she’s telling the truth? Brought to life with unexpected tenderness by JOE KELLY and KEN NIIMURA, I KILL GIANTS is the quirky, bittersweet story of a young girl struggling to conquer monsters both real and imagined as her carefully constructed world crumbles at the feet of giants bigger than any one child can handle.

Collects I KILL GIANTS 1-7

Indigo Children TP, Vol. 1

WRITER: Rockwell White, Curt Pires
ARTIST / COVER A: Alex Diotto, Dee Cunniffe

NOVEMBER 01 / 184 pages / FC/ / $16.99
Fifteen years ago, a group of extraordinarily gifted children who claimed to be reborn martians sent to earth to save the world disappeared without a trace. They were the Indigo Children. Journalist Donovan Price has spent the last fifteen years trying to hunt them down and find out what happened. But when he does, it kickstarts a chain of events that will alter the trajectory of mankind. RADIANT BLACK meets THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH in this action-packed sci-fi/mystery epic from the creators of the critically acclaimed Youth, soon to be a show on Amazon Prime.


Invincible TP New Edition, Vol. 2

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Bill Crabtree, Ryan Ottley
COVER A: Dave McCaig, Cory Walker

NOVEMBER 01 / 144 pages / FC/ M / $14.99
NOW A HIT ANIMATED SERIES ON PRIME VIDEO!These all-new definitive softcover editions collect the entire INVINCIBLE comic book series from the very beginning, with stunning new covers from CORY WALKER & DAVE McCAIG.Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. Except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet—Omni-Man. When Mark develops powers of his own, it’s a dream come true. But living up to his father’s legacy is only the beginning of Mark’s problems…The Guardians of the Globe are dead, and there’s one question on everyone’s mind: who killed them? Think, Mark, THINK!

Collects INVINCIBLE #8-13

Kaya TP, Vol. 2


NOVEMBER 22 / 144 pages / FC/ / $14.99
Kaya’s worst fear has come true: her little brother, Jin, has been kidnapped. Now, despite everything she’s already been through, she’ll have no choice but to enter the Kingdom of the MUTANTS to get him back. With unexpected allies in tow, a wild adventure begins in the strange and sinister POISON-LANDS!

Collects KAYA #7-11

Last Man, Vol. 3 (TPB)

NOVEMBER 08 / 416 pages / FC/ / $24.99
The hit French fight comic comes to Skybound!

Until now the Valley of Kings has been sheltered in relative peace. But when Richard Aldana creates a breach in the Rift can Adrian and Marianne fix it before the Valley of the Kings erupts into absolute chaos?

Find out in the third thrilling installment of the LASTMAN series from the powerhouse team of BALAK MICHA%C3%8BL SANLAVILLE & BASTIEN VIVES! Perfect for readers of INVINCIBLE and ULTRAMEGA!

Collects LASTMAN VOL. 5 and LASTMAN VOL. 6

Love Everlasting TP, Vol. 2

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST / COVER A: Elsa Charretier

NOVEMBER 15 / 136 pages / FC/ / $16.99
The mind-bending story of Joan Peterson’s journey through love and horror continues in the second epic and heartbreaking arc of this critically acclaimed, Harvey-nominated series. After traveling from romance to romance, Joan finds herself trapped inside just one story, growing older with the love of her life instead of escaping again and again. And as she becomes a wife, a mother, a grandmother, she is on a bloody quest to discover if everyone in this new world is insane, or if she alone is broken.


Monstress TP, Vol. 8

WRITER: Marjorie Liu
ARTIST / COVER A: Sana Takeda

NOVEMBER 22 / 160 pages / FC/ M / $16.99
The truth about the death of Maika’s mother has been revealed, and Maika has come undone. As her allies scramble to save her soul, they find themselves in the unlikeliest of places—the beautiful and brutal prison planet where the Monstra have long been locked away. This visit to the site of Zinn’s worst nightmares might just hold the key to Maika’s survival—and to the long-buried origins of the Known World.

Collects MONSTRESS #42-47

Nocterra TP, Vol. 3

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Tony S. Daniel, Frances Manapul
COVER A: Tony S. Daniel

NOVEMBER 08 / 144 pages / FC/ M / $16.99
Desperate to find Eos before the shades bring it down, Sundog Convoy is locked in a race against time as they barrel across the country to the unknown. Their mission: deliver the equation and bring back the light. But what they find might just be the most terrifying darkness of all. Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of NOCTERRA’s first cycle!Legendary creators SCOTT SNYDER (Dark Knights: Death Metal, Wytches) and TONY S. DANIEL (Batman, Deathstroke) keep the scares going in the next arc of their pulse-pounding hit ongoing series. Plus, discover the thrilling origin of Val Riggs and the Ferrymen, illustrated by FRANCIS MANAPUL (Justice League, Clear).


Saga TP, Vol. 11

WRITER: Brian K. Vaughan
ARTIST / COVER A: Fiona Staples

NOVEMBER 15 / 160 pages / FC/ M / $16.99
While Hazel and her family fight for scraps to survive, the rich and powerful race to forge new allegiances in the universe’s never-ending war.Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars in this genre-blending, sci-fi/fantasy space opera about star-crossed lovers from enemy worlds. An epic for mature readers, SAGA follows new parents Marko and Alana as they risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war. A multiple award-winning, critically acclaimed masterpiece and one of the most iconic, bestselling comic book series of its time.The SAGA series has sold over 7 million copies to date across all formats, has been translated into 20 languages, and has garnered multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards, plus a Hugo Award, British Fantasy Award, Goodreads Choice Award, Shuster Award, Inkwell Award, Ringo Award, and more. It has been featured in such mainstream media outlets as TIME, Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic, NPR, and beyond, and has become a pop culture phenomenon.

Collects SAGA #61-66

Savage Dragon #269


DECEMBER 13 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Malcolm Dragon’s team is assembled as the S.O.S. West goes into action against the scourges of the Seven Seas—The Vicious Fishes!

Street Angel Princess Of Poverty TP, Vol. 1

WRITER: Jim Rugg, Brian Maruca

NOVEMBER 29 / 200 pages / FC/ T / $19.99
Harry Potter, Bruce Wayne, Annie, and Oliver Twist can go #&©% themselves! There’s a new orphan badass in town.Homeless teenager Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez cuts school and fights ninja gangbangers, mad scientists, cops, time-traveling pirates, J-horror cliches, an evil version of her future self, ancient gods, rednecks, and hunger. In America’s cold, hard streets, the PRINCESS OF POVERTY defends the destitute, downtrodden, and defenseless with a skateboard and kung fu. Funny, violent, irreverent—everything you love in comic books. From the creator of The Plain Janes, Hulk Grand Design, and Cartoonist Kayfabe.

Summoners War TP, Vol. 2

WRITER: Justin Jordan
ARTIST / COVER A: Igor Monti, Luca Claretti

NOVEMBER 22 / 128 pages / FC/ T / $16.99
AN OFFICIAL TIE-IN TO THE WORLDWIDE HIT MOBILE GAME!Return to the world of Alea, as war rages between armies that summon magical creatures to battle each other in a seemingly never-ending conflict!Now, newly trained summoner Rai and her friends are stranded deep within enemy territory, with threats from soldiers on the ground, sky pirates in the clouds above…and a bounty hunter on their trail! Discover new friends, new foes, and powerful creatures in the next chapter of the action-packed SUMMONERS WAR saga!


Single Issues

Antarctica #5 (of 5)

WRITER: Simon Birks
ARTIST: Lyndon White, Willi Roberts
COVER A: Willi Roberts
COVER B: Majory Yokomizo

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
MINISERIES FINALEWith the arrival of a third Antarctic base, Hannah and Dr. Hannah must unite against a new common enemy. Hatching a plan to jump to Hannah’s world, Dr. Hannah reveals the heartbreaking motives behind her actions. With the enemy closing in, the team must make one last sacrifice in their desperate attempt to escape to safety.

Big Game #5 (of 5)

WRITER: Mark Millar
COVER C: Olivier Coipel

NOVEMBER 15 / 56 pages / FC/ — / $7.99
MINISERIES FINALEThis is it! The double-length conclusion to the best company crossover in years.We’ve seen all the beloved Millarworld characters together for the first time and watched as Nemesis murdered them one by one. But is there a chink of hope somewhere he’s forgotten about? This book is a must for fans of KICK-ASS, KINGSMAN, THE MAGIC ORDER, NEMESIS, and all your favorites.

Blood Commandment #1 (of 4)


NOVEMBER 01 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
MINISERIES PREMIERELiving an isolated life in a shadowed valley surrounded by mountains and a thick forest, a father and son are terrorized by a dangerous supernatural presence. Only the father’s dark secrets can save them…or damn their souls for all eternity!Being a single father can be tough, but for Ezra Connolly, it’s a duty he doesn’t take lightly. Living off-grid, away from prying eyes, in the heart of forest country, he spends his days teaching his teenage son Wil survival skills. But Wil has questions, questions Ezra fears to answer—about his past, and about why they never leave the valley before sundown…A four-issue horror miniseries from the creator of the breakout hit series SOMETHING EPIC and the artist of SPAWN and Punisher. SZYMON KUDRANSKI serves us a story about survival, sacrifice, and hope.Early praise for BLOOD COMMANDMENT: “All my heroes growing up were writer/artists. It’s the purest form of our medium. I now add SZYMON to this list of greats. This is Exceptional.” —Mark Millar, Kick-Ass, Wanted”BLOOD COMMANDMENT is the type of storytelling I yearn for. The depth of a human story coupled with the genre-bending horror that keeps me up at night! I love this book!” —Rodney Barnes, Killadelphia, Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Bone Orchard Tenement #6 (of 10)

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart
COVER A: Andrea Sorrentino
COVER B: Christian Ward

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
The collective nightmares of the remaining neighbors continue to distort reality around them. How will these fears and regrets help them all find a path out of the madness? And is finding Felix really the answer to all their questions?The biggest and most essential project yet in the bold and ambitious new shared horror universe of THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS continues from Eisner-winning creative team JEFF LEMIRE & ANDREA SORRENTINO.

Crave #1 (of 6)


NOVEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
MINISERIES PREMIERECRAVE, a mysterious app that promises to make your desires come true, spreads among the students of an elite university who use it as a hookup app.David, a top student, engages in a game of seduction with the unattainable Alexandra.But as requests to the app escalate and wreak havoc on campus, David and his friends’ only chance to stop this spiral is to find out what really lies behind Crave.

Creepshow Vol. 2 #3 (of 5)

WRITER: Joel Farrelly, Zoe Thorogood
ARTIST: Zoe Thorogood, Goran Sudźuka
COVER A: Guillem March
COVER B: Zoe Thorogood
COVER C: Skinner

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
First, the Eisner Award-nominated ZOE THOROGOOD (IT’S LONELY AT THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH) writes and draws the story of a woman who discovers the fountain of youth and her terrifying journey into “Eternity, Eternity, Eternity.” Then, nightmarish novelist JOEL FARRELLY (Tell Me a Story) teams up with ghoulish GORAN SUDŽUKA (GHOSTED, Year Zero) to tell the tale of a gem heist with a Lovecraftian twist in “Sacrifices.”

The Cull #4 (of 5)

WRITER: Kelly Thompson
ARTIST / COVER A: Mattia De Iulis
COVER B: Tula Lotay

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
Our intrepid filmmakers turned explorers turned…something else?…have returned home to find only horror and chaos awaiting them. What does it all mean? Can any of it be fixed?Teamwork makes the dream work! Pffft!

Dark Ride #9

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrei Bressan, Adriano Lucas
COVER B: Riley Rossmo
COVER C: Luana Vecchio
COVER D: Andy Price, Tony Fleecs

NOVEMBER 08 / 24 pages / FC/ / $3.99
NEW STORY ARC”I am impossibly intrigued by the work that JOSHUA WILLIAMSON, ANDREI BRESSAN, and company are crafting here.” — Who is Halloween, and what is the real story behind the Princess of Devil Land? When given the choice to claim her throne, can Sam trust his sister in his time of need?

Deep Cuts #6 (of 6)

WRITER: Joe Clark, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Toby Cypress
COVER A: Chris Brunner

NOVEMBER 29 / 56 pages / FC/ / $5.99
MINISERIES FINALEWorldwide. 1977. The Great Unknown embark on their first world tour—but as tensions in the group begin to rise, might they have already played their final set? Team DEEP CUTS is joined by TOBY CYPRESS (THE GRAVEDIGGERS UNION, Electric Century) for the blistering miniseries finale!

Destiny Gate #2 (of 4)

WRITER: Ryan Cady
ARTIST: Simon Gough, Christian Dibari
COVER A: Christian Dibari
COVER B: C.P. Smith

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
THE TIDES OF DESPAIR! Mitchell Slate has survived his first encounter with the nightmarish denizens of the Destiny Gate, but there are only greater horrors waiting as he follows its twisting tracks deeper. With no escape route in sight, is Mitch ready to take this ride all the way?

Dutch #0

WRITER: Joe Casey
ARTIST / COVER A: Nathan Fox
COVER B: Ian Churchill
COVER C: Jim Rugg

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
From the combustible creative team of CASEY and FOX—THE ORIGINAL DUTCH IS BACK! It’s been thirty years since he served as the ultimate superhero soldier. Now his new life is shattered by an old enemy from the past. Will Dutch answer this newest call to action? And coming next year—the mayhem continues in the all-new DUTCH #1!

Edenwood #3

COVER C: Rafael Albuquerque
COVER D: Szymon Kudrański

NOVEMBER 29 / 24 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Rion is put to the test in an environment surrounded by fear and deception. An old friend returns bearing gifts and a mission that could change the course of the war. Entering Edenwood and rescuing his friends from their dark paths is a non-negotiable before he accepts the suicidal mission from the Witch War Council.

Fire Power #29

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER A: Chris Samnee, Matt Wilson
COVER B: Matheus Lopes, Cory Walker

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99
The battle against the dragon hits far too close to home, and the Johnson family is left reeling in the aftermath.

Fishflies #3 (of 7)

COVER B: Andrea Sorrentino

NOVEMBER 15 / 48 pages / FC/ M / $5.99
Officer Danny Laraque arrives at Fred Fox’s farm to pursue a lead on finding the man who shot Paul DuPuis. Young Francis Fox holds a major clue but isn’t going to betray her new friend. A special extra-length issue from JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS, Sweet Tooth) deepens the mystery of this small-town surrealist horror.

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #1

WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST / COVER A: Bob McLeod, Herb Trimpe
COVER B: Pat Oliffe

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
Celebrate the return of G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO with the definitive edition of its historic first issue! This issue restores Larry Hama’s original, unedited dialogue, which has never before seen print!

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #301

WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST: Chris Mooneyham
COVER A: Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson
COVER B: Andy Kubert
COVER C: Brad Walker

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
SERIES PREMIEREA new era for G.I. JOE starts here…but one Joe won’t survive THIS ISSUE! The legendary LARRY HAMA is joined by new series artist CHRIS MOONEYHAM (Five Ghosts) and cover artist ANDY KUBERT (Batman, X-Men) to continue one of the longest-running titles in comics history!

Geiger Ground Zero #1 (of 2)

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST / COVER A: Gary Frank
COVER B: Bryan Hitch

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
“MINISERIES PREMIEREThe saga of THE UNNAMED continues! GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK return to the apocalyptic world of GEIGER for a special explosive two-issue origin epic. What happened to Tariq Geiger in the days after the nuclear bombs first dropped? How did mankind survive the UNKNOWN WAR? Who is the mysterious Russian scientist Dr. Molotov and why is he hunting Geiger? And how does this tie all the way back to the American Revolution? Get ready to put on your hazmat suit and find out!”

Gunslinger Spawn #26

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Carlo Barberi
COVER A: Zé Carlos
COVER B: Gabriel Gómez

NOVEMBER 15 / 24 pages / FC/ T+ / $2.99
Gunslinger is in HELL on a mission to kill Sinn! Will this put an end to the Gunslinger’s quest for Vengeance? Only time will tell.

A Haunted Girl #2 (of 4)

WRITER: Ethan Sacks, Naomi Sacks
COVER A: Jessica Fong
COVER B: Paolo Villanelli
COVER C: Daniel Govar

NOVEMBER 15 / 40 pages / FC/ — / $4.99
As Cleo struggles to reintegrate into her high school after a stay in a psychiatric hospital for her depression and suicidal thoughts, she is being hunted by a supernatural terror that only she can see. Can the 16-year-old unravel the mystery behind the threat in time?

Hack Slash Back To School #2 (of 4)

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Zoe Thorogood

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Cassie Hack has gone back to school…slasher-hunting school! Meet Darla, an ex-scream queen dedicated to turning young girls into Killer Killing Machines by way of the mysterious Agency—and she’s just in time as a host of internet slashers attack!

Hexagon Bridge #3 (of 5)

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Richard Blake

NOVEMBER 15 / 24 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
The rescue has begun! Adley’s clairvoyant abilities are put to the ultimate test as she guides Staden into the strange parallel dimension that is The Bridge.

Ice Cream Man #38

WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ARTIST / COVER A: Chris O’Halloran, Martín Morazzo
COVER B: Nate Sweitzer

NOVEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
“ESCAPE FROM GARYLAND”There seems to be something wrong with Gary No. 38…

Junior Baker The Righteous Faker #3 (of 5)

WRITER: Joe Casey
ARTIST / COVER A: Ryan Quackenbush
COVER B: Ryan Quackenbush, Sonia Harris
COVER C: Paul Fry

NOVEMBER 15 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $4.99
It’s Dizzy Baker vs. Biohazard-Us! The villainous duo holds the key to unlocking the super-secrets that Dizzy is compelled to uncover and expose to the world. But compelled by who? By what? Plus, the mythic Ballad of the Sun King!

Kaptara Universal Truths #4 (of 6)

WRITER: Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST / COVER A: Kagan McLeod

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
It’s a mystery as old as time, or at least as old as volume one, issue one: Whatever happened to Skullthor?Join best pals CHIP and KAGAN as they take you to a world full of delights and horrors…EARTH.

Kaya #13

COVER B: Michael Cho

NOVEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
NEW STORY ARC2023 Ringo Awards nominee for Best Kids Comic and Best CartoonistKaya and Jin barter a deal with a band of pirates that can deliver them to their long-dreamed-of safe harbor. But to earn their passage, first they’ll have to track down a rebellious princess in a city on the edge of revolution! This issue also features a variant cover by the classy-as-hell MICHAEL CHO!”KAYA is the ongoing all-ages title we’ve been waiting for! Combining the wonder of Jeff Smith’s Bone with the adventure of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet, KAYA is a perfect example of a comic that can hook anyone AND keep them coming back every month.”—Patrick Brower (Challengers Comics + Conversation, Chicago)

Kill Your Darlings #3

WRITER: Ethan S. Parker, Griffin Sheridan
ARTIST: Bob Quinn, John J. Hill
COVER A / COVER C: Bob Quinn
COVER B / COVER D: Ryan Stegman

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Reunited with imaginary friend Wallace, Rose and Elliott journey back to save the kingdom of Rosewood. Somewhere deep within, the great and terrible evil waits for their arrival…the same one that destroyed Rose’s life all those years ago.

Killadelphia #31

WRITER: Rodney Barnes
ARTIST: German Erramouspe, Jason Shawn Alexander
COVER A / COVER D: Jason Shawn Alexander
COVER B: Francesco Mattina
COVER C: June Chung, Jae Lee

NOVEMBER 15 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
NEW STORY ARCEnter SPAWN! The forces of Heaven and Hell clash on the battleground that is Philly and weave into the tapestry of a larger universe when TODD McFARLANE’s greatest creation crosses over into the pages of KILLADELPHIA! All the power SeeSaw has gained and all the magic he’s learned will be put to the test when he faces off against comics’ greatest anti-hero! Anything can happen in this bold jumping-on point for new readers that will redefine the KILLADELPHIA universe as we know it.The sold-out, Eisner Award-nominated series continues! From RODNEY BARNES, the writer behind such hit shows as Marvel’s Runaways and STARZ’s American Gods, and JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, the artist who redefined SPAWN. This issue also contains a backup story featuring Hell’s Baddest Badass: Johnny Gatlin.Also available in NOIR EDITION, featuring black-and-white line art interiors!

King Spawn #27

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Javi Fernandez
COVER A: Dan Panosian
COVER B: Don Aguillo

NOVEMBER 01 / 24 pages / FC/ T+ / $2.99
The Dead Zones are open and the march toward the Throne of Hell has begun. Who can Al trust to stand by his side and not be tempted to take its power?

King Spawn #28

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Javi Fernandez
COVER A: Zé Carlos
COVER B: Marcial Toledano Vargas

NOVEMBER 08 / 24 pages / FC/ T+ / $2.99
Spawn has been making his way through the horrifying landscape, traversing the lesser-used pathways of the afterworld. Unfortunately for him, something truly dark and evil has been waiting for him there.

Local Man #7

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A / COVER C: Tim Seeley, Tony Fleecs
COVER B: Norm Rapmund

NOVEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
“THE DRY SEASON,” Part TwoLocal Man gets creative in his search for a murderer, as Inga prepares to bring the superhuman trade to Farmington. On the flip side…while Crossjack attends celebrity weddings and goes on dates with models, Inga is going to save Farmington, one person at a time. But how?

Midlife Or How To Hero At Fifty! #2

WRITER: Brian Buccellato
ARTIST / COVER A: Stefano Simeone

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
The story of the world’s oldest new superhero continues! A confused but empowered Ruben navigates the discovery of his special ability and must choose who to confide in and how to express himself in a meaningful way. But at the age of fifty, is it too late to seize this new gift as an opportunity to become a hero…and reclaim his self-worth?And more importantly, can he even integrate this monumental responsibility into his everyday life without hurting—or worse, pissing off—his family?

Nights #2

WRITER: Wyatt Kennedy
ARTIST / COVER A: Luigi Formisano

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
It’s movie night with Gray, and Vince is taking the long way home. And there’s only one way back…through the mysterious woods. Now, all that waits for him is blood, teeth, and vintage cola. Stay outta the woods, lover boy.

No One #7 (of 10)

WRITER: Brian Buccellato, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST / COVER A: Geraldo Borges
COVER B: Stefano Simeone
COVER C: Mark Englert

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
As suspects and bodies continue to pile high, Julia reconsiders her position—and faced with an unthinkable decision, Ben makes a horrible choice.NO/ONE is a Massive-Verse series.

No One #8 (of 10)

WRITER: Brian Buccellato, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST / COVER A: Geraldo Borges
COVER B: Diego Greco
COVER C: Mark Englert

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Unable to let go, Ben dives even deeper into the copycat killer case, leading him and Julia into a web of secrets and cover-ups that might finally get them to the truth—if they live long enough to uncover it.NO/ONE is a Massive-Verse series.

Petrol Head #1

WRITER: Rob Williams
COVER D: Laurence Campbell

NOVEMBER 08 / 48 pages / FC/ — / $4.99
SERIES PREMIEREJUMP STRAIGHT INTO THE NON-HUMAN RACE WITH 42 ROBO-GORGEOUS LAUNCH-ISSUE STORY PAGES! In a climate crisis-ravaged future metropolis, an old, grumpy, obsolete, smoke-belching, cigar-chomping, HOTROD-RACING ROBOT is one 12-year-old girl’s only hope. Together, can they outrace the chasing Robo-Cops with an invention that might just save humanity?

Phantom Road #6

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Gabriel Hernandez walta, Jordie Bellaire
COVER A: Gabriel Hernández Walta
COVER B: Álvaro Martínez Bueno

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
NEW STORY ARCJEFF LEMIRE and GABRIEL HERNÁNDEZ WALTA’s hit series returns!Birdie and Dom find themselves searching through an abandoned road-side circus when they discover hints of…life. Elsewhere, Agent Weaver enlists Deputy Donnie to help piece together the frantic clues they have amassed so far.

Purr Evil #4 (of 6)

WRITER / COVER B: Mirka Andolfo
ARTIST / COVER A: Laura Braga
COVER C / COVER D: Roberto Meli

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
“EVIL MEOWS IN YOUR EAR”The situation is going downhill! With Deb in Jason’s hands and Robert back on the loose, Mucci’s evil influence is spreading more and more, bringing the world to the brink of apocalypse! Rita and Steve also have their own problems, with the police after them and their children to save from the end of everything.

Quest #4

WRITER: Crystal Wood, Jonathan Luna
ARTIST / COVER A: Jonathan Luna

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
Loyalties are tested when the king’s search party catches up to Anya, Tor, and Nuru, deep within a demon-infested jungle. Will they all survive what dwells there?

Radiant Black #27

WRITER: Joe Clark, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato
COVER A / COVER B: Marcelo Costa

NOVEMBER 01 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
THE CATALYST WAR CONTINUES! Nathan and Marshall face the consequences of their decisions. In the rubble of skyscrapers, the second trial begins.RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.

Rogue Sun #17

WRITER: Ryan Parrott
ARTIST: Marco Renna, A. Abel
COVER A: Luana Vecchio
COVER B: Jonathan Marks Barravecchia
COVER C: Stefano Simeone

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
Still trapped inside the Sun Stone, Dylan’s freedom is finally in sight—but who can he trust to help him escape? And, as the battle outside rages across New Orleans, can he get back in time to save his family?ROGUE SUN is a Massive-Verse series.

Rogue Sun #18

WRITER: Ryan Parrott
COVER A: Luana Vecchio

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
END OF STORY ARCFinally free from the Sun Stone, Dylan squares off against Caleb for a fight that will determine the fate of New Orleans! But does Dylan have any hope of winning against an enemy with 400 years’ experience?ROGUE SUN is a Massive-Verse series.

The Sacrificers #4

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST / COVER A: Max Fiumara
COVER B: Dong Ho Kim

NOVEMBER 01 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
We love to imagine that one day we will eat them. But they don’t have to dream. They have what they want. We live on their scraps. The anger is rising.

Savage Dragon #269


DECEMBER 13 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Malcolm Dragon’s team is assembled as the S.O.S. West goes into action against the scourges of the Seven Seas—The Vicious Fishes!

Savage Dragon #270


NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
While Malcolm Dragon’s team faces its greatest challenge, the Dragon kids go off on an adventure of their own! Comes with our highest possible recommendation.

The Schlub #4

WRITER: Ryan Stegman, Kenny Porter
ARTIST: Tyrell Cannon, Mike Spicer, John J. Hill
COVER A / COVER C / COVER E: Tyrell Cannon
COVER B / COVER D / COVER F: Ryan Stegman

NOVEMBER 29 / 24 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
Cirrus has faced the greatest horrors in the universe—but he’s never had dinner with Roger’s family! Can he survive the dinner from Hell while Roger is summoned to MaxTerra? Wyrm is closing in, the world is in trouble, and Roger might be one word away from being executed.

The Scorched #23

WRITER: Sean Lewis
ARTIST / COVER C: Stephen Segovia
COVER A: Dan Panosian
COVER B: Francesco Tomaselli

NOVEMBER 08 / 24 pages / FC/ / $2.99
The team has survived their latest battle, but dissension starts to rise, and their future is put in doubt…

The Scorched #24

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
COVER A: Zé Carlos
COVER B: Tonton Revolver

NOVEMBER 08 / 24 pages / FC/ / $2.99
After a devastating loss, the Scorched decide to refocus their mission and strike back at the person they feel is responsible for their recent problems.

Scrapper #5 (of 6)

WRITER: Cliff Bleszinski, Alex de Campi
ARTIST: Ryan Kelly, Jordie Bellaire
COVER A: Juan Ferreyra

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
Scrapper and the cats need to free the strays that SMITE is keeping prisoner and keep the organization from releasing a potion that will turn all the city’s animals into mind-controlled minions. A tall enough order, even without Scrapper discovering that the laboratory is guarded by SMITE’s next-generation upgrade of…him.

Something Epic #7

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Szymon Kudrański

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
END OF STORY ARCFinal issue of first story arc! Haunted by the death and destruction wrought by his own emotions, Dan returns to the temple, where his darkness reveals its true face. Twenty-nine pages of story and art for the regular price of just $3.99!

Spawn #347

WRITER: Rory McConville
ARTIST: Carlo Barberi
COVER A: Dan Panosian
COVER B: Björn Barends

NOVEMBER 15 / 24 pages / FC/ T / $2.99
Groups from all sides of the battlefield are starting to converge on the empty Throne of Hell. Meanwhile, Al makes a decision that could affect the course of humanity.

Spawn #348

WRITER: Rory McConville
ARTIST: Brett Booth
COVER A: Zé Carlos
COVER B: Von Randal

NOVEMBER 29 / 24 pages / FC/ T / $2.99
The race for the Throne of Hell is reaching its climax. New alliances have been made and old promises have been broken…

Starsigns #6 (of 8)

WRITER: Saladin Ahmed
ARTIST / COVER A: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Megan Levens

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
On the run and mourning one of their own, Rana and the others find refuge with an eccentric new Starsign. But when you’ve been chosen by the stars, peace is always fleeting…Nothing is what it seems in the latest by SALADIN AHMED and MEGAN LEVENS!

Swan Songs #5 (of 6)

WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ARTIST / COVER A: Alex Eckman-Lawn
COVER B: Sam Wolfe Connelly
COVER C: Chris O’Halloran, Martín Morazzo

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
“THE END OF ANHEDONIA”Via therapeutic hypnosis, a man travels through his subconscious to try to find his inner child—and a way to be happy again.A comic that doesn’t look like any other comic ever made, this issue is done in full collage art by the spectacular ALEX ECKMAN-LAWN—a veritable dream in four colors.The end is almost here; this is just one of many SWAN SONGS.

Syphon Vol. 02 #1 (of 4)

WRITER: Arish Akanda, Mohsen Ashraf
ARTIST / COVER C: Thomas Hedglen
COVER A: Jeff Edwards, John Kalisz
COVER B: Josh George

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
MINISERIES PREMIEREThe Ringo Award-winning series returns!After defeating Antonio, Sylas struggles to navigate life, love, and the moral ambiguity of his newfound power. His physical and emotional limits are tested as he pushes the boundaries of his abilities. As his powers grow, so do the consequences of his actions, leading him to face a monster of his own making.

Terrorwar #8 (of 9)

WRITER: Saladin Ahmed
ARTIST: Walter Pereyra, Dave Acosta, Jay Leisten
COVER A: Walter Pereyra, Dave Acosta

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
Divided and beaten to hell, Muhammad and what’s left of the crew breach the pampered, deadly sanctuary of Safehaven. But what they’ll face there is more horrifying than any of the Terrors they’ve hunted…It’s revolution time in the penultimate chapter of SALADIN AHMED and DAVE ACOSTA’s sci-fi horror spectacle!

Time Before Time #29

WRITER: Rory McConville, Declan Shalvey
ARTIST / COVER B: Joe Palmer, Chris O’Halloran
COVER A: Declan Shalvey

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
SERIES FINALESeries co-creator JOE PALMER returns for the final issue of TIME BEFORE TIME, where time runs out for everyone.

Transformers #2

WRITER: Daniel Warren Johnson
ARTIST: Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer
COVER A: Mike Spicer, Daniel Warren Johnson
COVER B: Afu Chan
COVER C: Orlando Arocena
COVER D: Bryan Hitch
COVER E: Tom Reilly

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $3.99
THE SMASH-HIT SERIES CONTINUES! The Decepticons have been unleashed! As Optimus Prime and Autobots regroup, Starscream terrorizes humanity.This issue features a surprising first Energon Universe appearance!

The Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable And Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales Of I Hate Fairyland #5 (of 5)

WRITER: Derek Laufman, David DelGrosso, Scott Brown
ARTIST: Derek Laufman, Scott Brown
COVER A: Mike Del Mundo

NOVEMBER 01 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
MINISERIES FINALETwo Untold Tales based on Eisner Award-winning writer SKOTTIE YOUNG’s I HATE FAIRYLAND!In the final issue of this insane miniseries, SCOTT BROWN and DAVID DELGROSSO showcase the warriors of Fairyland in “Fairy Road” and DEREK LAUFMAN shows us how bad things get when Gert controls a gavel in “Judge Gerty.”

Universal Monsters Dracula #2 (of 4)

WRITER: James Tynion IV
ARTIST / COVER A: Martin Simmonds
COVER B: Francis Manapul

NOVEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ — / $4.99
As Lucy Weston suffers from a mysterious ailment, Dr. Seward calls upon Professor Abraham Van Helsing, and Dracula’s thirst goes unquenched…

Void Rivals #6

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Matheus Lopes, Lorenzo De Felici
COVER A: Lorenzo De Felici
COVER B: Christian Ward
COVER C: Ejikure
COVER D: Karen S. Darboe
COVER E: Toni Infante

NOVEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99
END OF STORY ARC Premier Zalilak will stop at nothing to prevent Darak and Solila from escaping Zertonia! But what secret awaits at the center of the Sacred Ring?

The Walking Dead Deluxe #76

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER B: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER A: Dave McCaig, David Finch
COVER C: J.H. Williams III

NOVEMBER 01 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Alexandria is shaken by Rick’s violent actions, leading to a confrontation with Douglas Monroe. This deluxe presentation in STUNNING FULL COLOR also features another installment of Cutting Room Floor and creator commentary.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #77

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER B: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER A: Dave McCaig, David Finch
COVER C: J.H. Williams III
COVER D: Julian Totino Tedesco

NOVEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99
Trouble brews within Alexandria, and Rick is left with no choice but to take matters in his own hands.

What’s The Furthest Place From Here? #16

WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST / COVER A: Tyler Boss
COVER B: Joe Mulvey

NOVEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99
FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW.The City is a utopia. Sid is safe and cared for, surrounded by people who love her. Everything is good.